10 days trip Hiking Greece

A different way of hiking Greece. This activity is open all year around. When thinking of Greece first come to mind the sea, the sun and the islands. It’s time to change your idea and see the other side. The country of islands is equally mountainous. Olympus, the mountain range of Pindos, Pelion and many more unknown destinations and routes are waiting to provide unique images and experiences to the visitor. The following 10-day program is designed to highlight the beauty of the destinations chosen for you and the landscapes to offer a complete experience of Greece.

Starting from the mythical Mount Olympus we will visit the birthplace of the gods of the ancient Greeks. Then we scale the towering Meteora rock pedestals with their “perched” monasteries and Valia Calda, a unique ecosystem in the heart of the Greek mountains. But because an experience in Greece is incomplete without beaches, seaside taverns and cobbled paths, we added Pelion, with its unique architecture, its close ties to tradition and magnificent natural beauty.

See the schedule for hiking Greece (concerns central & northern Greece)

Day 1

Your guide, who you will spend the next 10 days together with to share this unique experience in Greece, will be at the airport to welcome you and pick you up by minibus. We will head south and after about 100 km reach Mount Olympus. It will be followed by lunch and briefing for ten days preparing for the “conquest” of the summit of the gods.

Day 2

An early morning takes us to Prionia which is the end of the asphalt before the path to the top. The view is impressive, seeing the peaks you can easily understand why the ancient Greeks had “put” their gods up there. We climb to the peak and return to the mountain lodge for the night.

Day 3

In the morning we will go down the path back to Prionia and take the car to go to Meteora. It is a cluster of dark rocks of unconfirmed origin, however, it is noteworthy that they are neither mentioned in mythology nor by the ancient Greeks. A UNESCO world heritage site, it is a geological phenomenon exploited by the monks of the 11th century for asceticism and for protection from raids. The history of monasticism starts from the ascetic Barnabas of the 11th century or even earlier who founded the old hermitage holy spirit. We will stay overnight in the village of Kastraki, in the “shadow” of the rocks.

Day 4

We will walk in the paths between the sacred rocks, the old paths of the monks and study the geological phenomena, will visit old monasteries and see the cloisters of monks perched like eagles’ nests. Following Meteora next are Valia Calda and Northern Pindos National Park. Through a very pleasant route we will head to the “heart ” of the Greek mountains. We will settle at the hostel of Valia Calda, just outside the village of Vovoussa. It is a small family-run hostel in a traditional building made ??of stone and wood. We can eat fresh trout from the river, we will try the local food and prepare for the climb to the peak at Avgo.

Day 5

We will follow the asphalt road to the next village, Perivoli and take the dirt road until we meet a nomadic shepherds’ corral at the base of the peak which is the highest point that we have access to by car. From there we take the path to the top. The view from Avgo is amazing; everywhere around there are peaks into the heart of Albania. The vegetation on the way to the top is sparse and mainly bushes. The trail is rocky and unclear. In the afternoon will see the village and walk on neighboring trails.

Day 6

The route of the sixth day will run alongside a tributary of the river Aoou, Arkoudomera. We will move continuously through the forest. With its tall trees it is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Greece with waterfalls and rock pools.

Day 7

On the 7th day we won’t walk. We will take the road to the last point of our trip, Pelion. From the high mountains we will travel to the coast. The scenic Pelion beaches, tavernas on the beach, also with kalderimia, the stone paths, special architecture and the wonderful trails that we will see in the last days of our trip.

Day 8

In southern Pelion you get the feeling that you’re on an island. On the one hand, the Aegean and the other the Pagasitikos Gulf. From here started the Argonauts’ campaign, the country of Jason, the Centaurs and holiday home of the gods. The path on the 8th day will be circular and we will walk in the old paths towards the sea. A characteristic of these pathways is resembling tunnels from the vegetation. Fish for lunch, and a tsipouro (local raki) by the sea.

Day 9

On the 9th day will make the last journey of this trip to the mountain villages of Pelion. We will walk, we will pass bridges and many springs. The evening we will dine together with traditional food and listen to Greek music perhaps renewing our appointment for another trip.

Day 10

Transfer to airport and departure. After 10 days in 4 different destinations, definitely the image you had of Greece has changed. Images from Olympus, Meteora, Valia Calda and Pelion will accompany you forever. The organization, hospitality and service will be unforgettable. In our services and price are included:

  • Guide
  • Transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Mementos

The price is 1200 euro per person. Let the fun begin! Click the contact data below and ask for more now! Alex Petroutsos – Outdoor coordinator for Montis Ordo Email: [email protected] Website: www.montisordo.gr Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/montisordo Address: Kato Gatzea, South Pelion, Greece Tel/Fax: +30 2423023226, Mob. +30 697795529

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