Unreal 2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary

Andros is just 2 hours from Athens, via Lavrio port

It was Maria’s birthday and we took the decision to spend 2 days in Andros Island Greece. Andros is one of those islands that are really close to Athens.

You can take a public bus up to Rafina port. Hop on a ferry and with just 15 euro per person you arrive on Andros in under 2 hours trip.

It is best to make a plan prior arriving there, as there are many places you can visit. If you are an avid hiker then this island is for you. There are 300 Km of footpaths with 160km of them being well marked.

One is called the Andros Routes and is a continuous 100km footpath (check here for more details and a helpful map). All paths are from easy to moderate level. To walk them all you will need to stay around 30 days in the island, but the main one (100km) can take 10 days.

Make sure to get the map mentioned above with all routes. This is a special map with all info, made with a laminated paper that won’t get wet and is really hard to tear apart.

Andros island Greece has lots of different options for accommodation depending on your preferences. Check your options via Booking.com or Hotels Combined.

What Things to Do in Andros Island Greece?

If you plan it correctly then you can do lots of things in 2 days. Most places are close to each other to visit. The only thing that can take up much time but is rewarding is hiking. As said, there are numerous routes.

You do want to read these extra posts about things to do in Andros island, Greece. Click here for more ideas, here for surfing ideas, here for culinary events and here for hiking routes.

Andros Chora

Maybe one of the most photographed places of Andros island. White and blue colors are dominate here. Do allocate time to sit in the main square for a beverage or a snack under the shade.

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary
Cycladic gems in every turn

Do walk through the different alley’s and narrow streets of Chora Andros.

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary
Walking in the streets

You will have lots and lots of photo opportunities.

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary
Action by the sea

Andros island belongs to Cyclades island complex and this can be seen everywhere around.

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary
Red, white and blue of Cyclades

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary
Ornaments and symbols of the past

One of the best views towards Chora is from… outside of it. You need is to walk all the way through to end up in an alley with a stone bridge ahead. Be careful when you cross that bridge as it is more an arch than a bridge.

Walk the short path and you will end up in a small cave that looks directly towards Chora. From there you will be able to take one of the most popular photos that relate to Andros. There you are… The secret is out!

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary
View from the cave opposite to Chora

Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis, Andros, Greece

Outside of Chora is Paleopolis village. A rather small village with few things to see, except the museum and really nice small coffee house with shade. Paleopolis is additionally a starting point for one beautiful hiking route (which we did).

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary

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Our Andros island hiking experience

We decided to go after a single circular hiking route in Andros Island. This started from Paleopolis and goes through pastures and golden fields, ending up to the sea and then goes up again from a different route.

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary

You don’t get bored as you constantly have a panoramic view of the hill and the sea in front of you.

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary

Just make sure you take some water with you. There are no springs along the route.

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary

If you care for a guided tour then these options are helpful:

Where to stay in Andros island Greece

Where to stay in Andros Island depends on if you have means to move around and the kind of beaches you like. We decided to stay at a relatively remote resort named Aegea Blue Cycladic resort at Zorgos Bay. It was birthday weekend and some luxury was what we wanted.

Apparently Zorgos bay is very famous, even among locals. It takes some time to go there from the harbor and the last 40 minutes is through a dusty dirt road, but when you get there you will appreciate the place and its beauty.

What you will see is the resort, with different ways to access the isolated sandy beach and a tavern and that’s that.

The whole bay is secluded, really peaceful and stylish. If you want to really relax then this is the place for you, additionally spiced with some affordable luxury.

There is a pool and all but most walk their way to the beach (5 minutes). Seeing the photos you understand why.

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Dining in Batsi Andros, Greece

We ate at different places. The food in our hotel was really good too. But the one that we will definitely remember was Themelos restaurant in the famous Batsi village.

Themelos is a small gourmet restaurant. It was recommended by a Greek friend (thank you Alexandra) who specifically said: You Must Eat at Themelos.

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary

Fantastic modern Greek cuisine. We would leave for Athens in a few hours and that definitely was the best bye-bye to Andros Island Greece.

2 Days in Andros Island Greece Itinerary

Is Andros just for 2 days? It is definitely not. Most Greek islands need at least 5 days to fully experience them and walk them around. Especially islands with such an extensive hiking network.

This was a first taste of Andros island Greece for us. Now we know that we have to go back and explore more.

Have fun!


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