25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food in Athens Greece

When we heard it, we thought: Okay, with so many plates of traditional Greek food we are going to die right there! 

But we went anyway. And we are alive. We had a great time with friends, some great wine, excellent desserts and many laughs!

What’s the occasion?

As AGreekAdventure we also participate in the Travel Blogger Greece network. It has been six months since this network started and what is more appropriate to do than to celebrate this, by the Greek style?

25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food

Our Chef announced that there would be 25 dishes to be served. All were in the form of “meze” (snacks) so from each serving we would be able to taste all.

The place? Manas Kouzina Kouzina.

25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food

A cute eating place where all dishes are made with the Greek traditional way, serving Greek traditional recipes from all over the country. You can go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food

So, a food parade started. Each plate was welcomed with its story, where it comes from, why it is cooked like that, what its ingredients were.

Traditional Greek Food Orgasm

It was not only the variety that build up a great experience, but the actual order of the dishes too.

Each one was adding more in the flavor of the previous one.

25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food

At the dessert point it was like having multiple food orgasms!

25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food

Well, maybe we had a glass of wine too much to say that.

A much bigger surprise came from a member of the network who makes all kinds of chocolate and sugar related desserts at her home! She couldn’t attend the meeting but she send us (she is located 500km outside of Athens) packages filled with chocolate art!

25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food

That was it! We had consumed a great variety of “mezedes” and we were feeling great, not heavy at all. Actually that was one of the things we mentioned to Stefanos, the manager.

Haven’t you had traditional Greek food before?

We are Greeks, you know… I think Stefanos, the manager of the restaurant, explained it nicely while he was holding some tupperware! This restaurant is about preserving the recipes and way of cooking food, our mothers and grandmothers did.

25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food

You know Greek mothers used to send food to their children when they studied abroad or even in different Greek cities. There are many jokes about this tradition. Mothers wanted children to be fed well. It is part of the Greek family spirit to constantly care.

Sometimes, more than needed though, but you know Xenios Zeus is in our blood and expands to many aspects.

This is part of Greece and part of its essence for which you may have read elsewhere in these posts.

This is part of what we want people outside of Greece to experience. Authentic essence of Greece.

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Now to drool upon here are some of the traditional Greek food plates we tried.

  • Kiltiritsia from Kavala – Beef meatballs stuffed with bulghur and paprika
  • Amorgiano Patatato Moschari – Beef with potatoes in a ceramic pot
  • Revithia Sifnos – Made with mint and Korinthian raisins
  • Kalogiros of Naxos – Ground Naxian beef with vegetables and graviera cheese
  • Mousaka with grilled vegetables
  • Kokoras Bardouniotikos – Rooster with mitzithira cheese from Mani
  • Artichokes ala Polita
  • Flomaria Greek pasta with octopus, ouzo and greens from Limnos island
  • Cretan boureki with ksinomizithra cheese, anthotiro cheese, mint from Hania
  • Stuffed zucchini filled with Greek rice, mint, and tomatoes from Crete
  • Dolmadakia stuffed grape leaves
  • Sfakiani Greek Pancake with Mitzitra cheese and honey sauce prepared with ouzo
  • Handmade pasta from Pontos with beef and tomato yoghurt sauce and spices
  • Pondus spinach pie
  • Meat pie with graviera cheese in homemade filo

Disclosure: The dinner was a complimentary experience offered by Manas Kouzina Kouzina. The opinions expressed in this article are of our own. Manas Kouzina Kouzina follows a responsible social caring model. All food that is not consumed, is donated to the church nearby to feed those in need.

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