Spectacular 7 Days Milos Island Greece – It Blows Your Mind

Do you wish to attend a holiday abroad? Look no further than Milos Island Greece.

This volcanic island lies in the Aegean Sea just north of the Sea of Crete. It is in these islands that the statues of Aphrodite (Venus de Milo), Apollo (the Greek god of medicine), and Poseidon once stood.

What to do in Milos Island Greece in 7 days?

The island experience warm weather has clear blue skies and clean waters. We are here to let you know what you might do on the island in a typical 7-day visit.

Indeed, every width and breadth of the island comes with innumerable places of interest.

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Milos Island Greece – Day 1: Sightseeing’s in Milos Island

This island, as has already been hinted, contains numerous facilities, sites, and other structures that are of great historical significance.

You can never lack anything to see or behold as a result of this. You should, therefore, make it a priority to sightsee a couple of these facilities.

The following are the most outstanding of these resources:


Start with the Sarakiniko beach. That is on the north side of the island. Strong waves continuously bombard the area.

These subsequently form unusual shapes after prolonged exposure. That, in turn, results in breathtaking land-forms that are almost nowhere else.

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind
Sarakiniko land formations

These land-forms confer great sightseeing opportunities as they are very breathtaking to behold. The blue sea that comes into contact with it all the more enhances its appeal.

Plaka Milos, Greece

Plaka is the capital city of the Milos islands.

Unlike the famous capital cities, it is devoid of full streets, cars, industries, traffic lights and so on.

That is because it is a full village that has numerous homes tightly tucked in together. It is also small enough to explore by merely walking around.

Spare some time to explore this beautiful village. You will travel back in time for around 200 years!


Just like Plaka, Firopotamos is a village on the island of Milos.

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind

It serves almost all purposes of a standard port city. These include fishing, snorkeling, and swimming. However, its architecture, plan, and proximity to the adjacent ocean waters are what makes it outstanding.

It is a venue where you must pay a visit to see and appreciate nature in its raw form.


Phylakopi lies in the northern coast of the island. It is a ruin of an ancient Bronze Age settlement. At present, it is almost uninhabited.

It mainly serves as an excavation site for many scientists who get to the area to study its past.

You may also wish to spend some time here to witness the rich history this ancient settlement has in store for anyone. Do not forget to carry your camera too!


Mantrakia is also a fishing port that occupies the northern portions of the Milos islands. It, however, has several other features which are not exemplified by its counterpart.

Mantrakia has numerous white houses, multicolor wooden doors, and a generally beautiful setting. It is, therefore, more breathtaking to behold and capture on camera.

You surely would not want to miss out on its benefits. That is why a stopover in the village is a must!

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Milos Island Greece – Day 2: Sunbathe at Milos Island

As has already been hinted above, the island shows perfect weather and clear blue skies.

For this reason, it is an excellent destination for anyone who fancies sunbathing and other coastal related pastimes. You should, therefore, spare some time to sunbathe in any of the seaside facilities.

Sampled and briefly explained below are some of the top facilities you may wish to visit and spend some time in:

Firiplaka Beach

Located at the southern side of the island, Firiplaka Beach is excellent for sunbathing, outdoor relaxation, and just about any other outdoor related rest and reaction activity.

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind
Firiplaka beach, Milos Island, Cyclades, Greece

You want to spend some time at the beach.

The resources mentioned above come with the existence of resorts, hotels, and other excellent accommodation facilities. That is not to say their safe and secure nature.

Tsigrado Beach

Tsigrado beach is hidden, largely detached from the island mainland, and very secure indeed. It is between many cliffs that overlook the adjacent ocean.

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind
Top view of canoes at Tsigrado Beach in Milos island

As such, it is a perfect getaway for those who value peace and security. Give the excellent ideal weather; you will find the area very high for sunbathing year-round, regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions.

Its secure ambiance is, by all means irresistible.

Paleochori Beach

Perhaps no other location provides a great getaway than the Paleochori Beach. The area is spotless, safe, secure, less congested, and breathtaking.

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind
View of umbrellas on Paleochori beach and sea bay on Milos

It comes with clear waters, clean sandy beaches, and excellent weather conditions. The fresh ocean waters make the area ideal for swimming whereas the nearby cafes are there to minister to your stomach.

Do save a bit of time at the location to leverage these and indeed, many more benefits.

Gerontas Beach

Unlike most other beaches, Gerontas has no facilities or roads leading to or away from it. As such, it is difficult to access and reach.

However, the area is still a great tourist site. It does have an arch which you may see and behold.

It is also cleaner and safer. For this reason, this is the perfect place to sunbathe and enjoy your time outdoors.


Triades is by far the quietest, undisturbed, and clean beach that is on the northwestern portion of the island.

The beach is three in one. In all, the three islands that form part of the Triades archipelago jointly confer peaceful abode for the adventure enthusiast.

That stems from the calm adjacent waters, forgiving weather, calm winds, and favorable environmental conditions. Do take time to sunbathe on its shores.

Milos Island Greece – Day 3: Swim and Dive in Milos Island

Apart from sunbathing, you may also dive or swim in the waters that surround the island. That is because the adjacent waters are deep, cleaner, sheltered from strong waves and tides, and are generally safer from the infestations of sharks and other hostile marine creatures.

Even though you may dive and swim just about anywhere, the following locations have particularly proved to be more outstanding and satisfying:

The Sea Triangle

Slightly off the coast of Milos is a “sea triangle.” That is a collection of three islands, namely the Minos, Kimolos, and Polyegos.

The areas in between this island contain old shipwrecks, excellent flora and fauna, and rocky islets, among other resources. What’s more?

The waters are devoid of sharks and other harmful marine animals. You may wish to dive and snorkel in the area for the sake of getting to observe these resources first hand.

Pollonia Milos Greece

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind
Coastal promenade in Pollonia village

Pollonia is a friendly and quiet sandy beach. It is enamored with shade trees that overlook Kimilos islands.

The area is also served by numerous excellent restaurants that serve great refreshments to the visitors and locals alike.

These conditions make the area great for snorkeling and sea diving.

Its sheltered harbor is also excellent for other forms of sea activities. You are less likely to be attacked by sharks and other ferocious sea beasts.

Achivadolimni Beach

Achivadolimni differs from other beaches on the island in that it is mainly a camping site. The area contains numerous tents and other camping facilities.

It accords fantastic views f the entire island because of the existence of some terraces uphill.

The area is particularly great for swimming due to shallow waters, gentle breezes, and adequate shelter from the harsh waves and ferocious marine creatures.

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The Labyrinth of Kleftiko

The labyrinth of Kleftiko took its name from being a network of caves and underground tunnels. They are off the coast of Milos island.

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind
Panoramic view of the pictorial Kleftiko cove located at the south coast of Milos island

These caves are picturesque, breathtaking to behold, and spectacular.

You may wish to spare some time to dive in the area. That will give you the rare privilege of experiencing these resources first hand besides being able to photograph them as well.

The Kleftiko Caves do have some historical significance too.

For a start, they are natural rock formations that have arisen mainly as the result of the constant bombardment of the shorelines with strong and powerful ocean waves.

Pirates long used them as hideouts and bases from which to launch to attacks on sea vessels that ply the said routes.

Caves of Papafrangas

You may consider touring the caves of Papafrangas as your last port of call in the area. These caves constitute part of a narrow beach along the coast of Milos islands.

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind
Cave of Papafragas beach Milos

They exemplify a stunning rock formation which is generally fair to behold. Dive in the waters nearby to get the opportunity to witness these beauty first hand.

You will forever live to cherish this moment.

Milos Island Greece – Day 4: Dine and Wine in Milos Island

You can never claim to have visited Milos without sparing some time to wine and dine in the various restaurants, serveries, eateries, and dining facilities that dot the island.

You also certainly want to have a taste of the various Greek cuisines, both past, and present.

That being the case, you, by all means, should squeeze in your itinerary a visit to these and indeed any of the other dining facilities in the area:

Enalion Restaurant

Enalion should feature at the top of your list of restaurants and eateries. This restaurant serves mainly local cuisines and generally charges premium prices.

The interior of the restaurant is clean, livable, healthy, and serene. Moreover, the foods prepared are also hygienic and nutritious. That is not to mention the slow and relaxing music that plays in the background.

Mikros Apoplous Restaurant

Are you a vegetarian or a lover of seafood? If you are any of these two categories of persons, Mikros Apoplous Restaurant is indeed yours to visit.

The restaurant specializes in local cuisines, seafood, vegan diets, and Mediterranean diets.

It is the place to visit if you plan to leverage all that the wonderful Mediterranean world has to offer. Moreover, it has longer opening hours and is thus quite convenient.

Barriello Restaurant

Unlike most other standard restaurants in the island, Barriello opens only in the evenings through to midnight. It, therefore, serves only dinner. The main dishes it serves are Mediterranean, vegan-friendly, seafood, and an assortment of local cuisines.

That is the place to visit after a hectic and tiresome daytime. It also has facilities that cater to kids. It is, therefore, excellent for the whole family!


If you want to experience traditional Greek cuisine, this is the place to visit. The restaurant prepares such dishes.

Some of them include Barbouni, Dolmades, Gigandes, Gyro, Horiatiki, Keftedes, and Kokoretsi.

It also prepares and serves a variety of the Mediterranean and vegan-friendly dishes. Do stop by to have a bite of the various tastes and drinks the area has to offer.

Psaravolada Restaurant

Sometimes it is never enough to dine and wine. It usually helps to view the adjacent oceans and be bombarded with the oncoming sea breeze.

The Psaravolada restaurant grants you the opportunity to enjoy both at the same time. It is a high-class restaurant that is located next to the beach and overlooks the clear ocean ahead.

It serves almost all local and a couple of international dishes.

Milos Island Greece – Day 5: Take Photos of Milos Island Greece

From the onset, we let you know that the island has innumerable places of interest. Other than being breathtaking to behold, they are also great for photography.

What other evidence will you give your friends, family members, and peers that you indeed visited Milos Islands, except your perfect tan, of course?

Shoot the clear waters

As has already been explained severally, the island comes with clear waters. They are blue in color, gentle, and breathtaking to behold.

That makes them great for photography. The entire coastline has several landforms that are beautiful too.

Skiadi ‘Mushroom’

Skiadi is a massive rock outcrop shaped in the form of a mushroom. It is at a distance of around 4 km from the main road that links Monolithos to Prasionsi on the northwestern portion of Kimolos.

The rock outcrop is a breathtaking wonder of the world. You certainly want to capture it on camera!

Plaka Castle

Plaka is the oldest town on the island of Milos and serves as its de facto capital. The city has numerous structures and ruins that are great to photograph.

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind
Plaka village

The most outstanding example of this is the Plaka castle.

Moreover, the city itself is at the highest point of the island. That allows you to watch and photograph the entire island from it.

Cave of Sykia

Sykia is a cave that was formed by the bombardment of the adjacent coastline with waves that originated from the sea. The picture is stunning.

A lighting system illuminates the cave at night to give rise to spectacular views and images. You may also consider paying a visit to the cave and capture it on camera.

Ancient Theater of Milos

The island of Milos did play a significant role in the golden era of the Empire of Greece. It notably served as a center of music and art.

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind
Ancient Theater of Milos

The theater of Milos was the venue of much of these plays and concerts. Its ruins now lie on a rocky slope which is adjacent to the famous catacombs.

Apart from granting you a peek at the past of the island, the ruins are also magnificent for photography.

Milos Island Greece – Day 6: Explore some History

This chain of islands has been the epicenter of several historical events and milestones.

As stated, the island once had the statues of Aphrodite (Venus de Milo), Apollo (the Greek god of medicine), and Poseidon. It also played a role during the golden age of Greece (500 BC to 300 BC).

In your brief stay at the island, you may consider spending some time in the numerous museums, art galleries, and archaeological sites for the sake of exploring its fascinating past.

Catacombs of Milos

7 Days Milos Island Greece - It Blows Your Mind
Catacombs of Milos

Apart from the ancient theater, the island is also home to numerous catacombs. These catacombs are a network of underground tunnels, cemeteries, and complexes.

They once served as the burial sites for most famous Greeks.

Their ruins serve as silent reminders of the past of Greece. You have to pay a visit to these ruins if you ever hope to catch a glimpse of the area.

Milos Mining Museum

For centuries, the volcanic rocks that form the Milos islands are in use as raw materials. It is only befitting for a museum to exist for that reason.

That is the Milos Mining Museum. It is situated in Adamas harbor and showcases all the tools used and minerals extracted from the island from the beginning of time.

Do pass by to catch a glimpse of Milos’ geologic past.

Archaeological Museum of Milos

Other than mining, the island of Milos has also been excavated by archeologists and history enthusiasts for ages.

Again a museum that is for showcasing these milestones has been erected on the island. That is the Archaeological Museum of Milos.

It mainly displays the artifacts, tools, and names of the persons who are involved in the trade. It pays to spend some time here to catch up with these.

Folk Museum

Located in Plaka and founded in 1967, this museum exists to showcase the past of the Melian people. It mainly focuses on the history of the island after the 17th century.

The museum contains artifacts, books, literature, and furniture from that period. You wish to spend some time there to see these relics. They relate to the glorious past of the inhabitants of the island.

Milos Island Greece – Day 7: Relax

Finish off your stay by relaxing.

The island has numerous beaches, sheltered harbors, open spaces, parks, and resorts that are cut off from the congested mainlands.

Paliochori Beach

This beach is for relaxation. It comprises colorful rocks, bubbling springs, and overlooks the clear blue sea.

What’s more? Sun lounge rental and casual dining services are available.

That is not to mention that the prices charged are modest and affordable. You surely have no other place to look up to for all your relaxation needs. Do make this beach your topmost priority while on the island.

Ammoudaraki Beach

Remotely located at the western part of the island of Milos, this beach is a great getaway. Its most outstanding niche is its remoteness.

It is also accessible by being not so far from Plaka.

Delfinia Boat Tours

Such tours detach you from the mainland to the interior parts of the seas. They also subject you to the firm and fresh sea breezes. You may also consider going for a boat ride as part and parcel of your relaxation itinerary.

The Deilfinia Boat Tours are the right choice.

Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa

Relaxing needs not necessarily to be outdoors; not especially if you have some money to spend.

The Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa is a top destination you may wish to consider visiting. The hotel has a gym, a spa, sauna, and other indoor relaxation facilities.

It also serves top local and international cuisines. In case you have some money to spend, this is a facility you, by all means, cannot even afford to overlook, let alone bypass.

Agia Kyriaki

Lastly, you may want to stop over at the Agia Kyriaki.

That is a beach that is around 12 km from the capital, Plaka and about 8 km from Adamas Milos Greece.

Being detached from the rest of the island, the beach is great to relax in. The fresh air, clear blue waters, abundant sunshine, and breathtaking flora and fauna are but a few of the resources that await you.

So, how about going to Milos island Greece this time?

The Milos islands, is ideally located within the easy reach of the European mainland, are one perfect Greek destination.

Why would you even waste your time trying to think twice about it? Explore more things to do in Milos from here and here and here.

Go ahead and make appropriate arrangements to visit this island.

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