Greeks have been known to be worldwide explorers, with a great nautical tradition that keeps up to our days. We keep up to the explorers’ tradition through our trips, sharing our findings with you.

Experience Traditional Houses in Crete Greece

We are Chris & Mary. We are Travel Bloggers but our secret power is that we are Travel Professionals.

Chris carries more than 15 years of experience in Travel/Tourism Marketing & Content Marketing. He is a really successful strategist for many companies in Europe and USA providing SEO, Content & Search Marketing strategies.

Maria, has a PhD in Chemistry and is a Virgo. You know what that means: Really focused, totally organized. This keeps Chris in balance (he is a Pisces…) but likes to think that he is creative too.

AGreekAdventure is what we love to do: We love to travel and share our findings. We want people to get closer to nature as it is part of who they are and part of their own existence. Recent climate changes prove that true now more than ever before.

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You may have heard many stories “out there” about how people dropped their jobs just to travel. We manage to both travel and enhance our professions!

Want to learn more about us?

Read along with an interview we managed to put together.

Q: What is your moto?

We are both constantly thirsty for life experiences, adventures, experiencing the old and mysterious, plus the new and adventurous. We want to share. Thus, we launched AGreekAdventure, in October 2013.

Q: So, what is your scope/goal?

We evolve through traveling. Traveling is fatal to prejudices. Knowing how the world works and meeting people from different cultures opens your mind.

Q: Do people like your blog? What is the feeling you get so far?

Definitely positive! Many people outside of Greece (and a good part from Greece too) send us emails asking things like:

  • Where to hike in X place?
  • Can you suggest a week of activities for my family?
  • Do you know a trustworthy person for paragliding in X island?
  • What can I do in X, Y, Z place in mainland Greece?

We get lots and lots of emails asking such.

Q: We have heard that many travel bloggers are invited for press trips. Do you participate?

Yes. We like to visit places where someone also organizes an event for us to experience the place, but we also take off-the-beat tracks when we are there.

Q: Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, when they have something interesting and relevant to say. Contact us .

Q: What is your next trip?

Always planning the next trip…

Q: Who supports you?

Socially, people support us and share our content. Technically, its ChannelDoubler which provides servers, hosting, designs, technical advices and digital marketing expertise.

Some of the brands we work with

work with us

“Formal” business data

Business address is: 483 Green Lanes, London, N134BS, UK. Feel free to contact us through the contact form here.

Welcome to AGreekAdventure.

A note

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