Our vision is: We want to bring people very close to nature. This article can give a good reason why. Nature is not just a beautiful sight. It changes people.

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Interviewing the adventurous couple: Chris and Mary.

Experience Traditional Houses in Crete Greece
Selfie at Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece
Q: What is your moto?

We are both constantly thirsty for life experiences, adventures, experiencing the old and mysterious, plus the new and adventurous. We want to share. Thus, we launched AGreekAdventure, in October 2013.

Q: Hey, are you so “young”?

Yes, we are! Our site is not that old but as you see its full of experiences and new are added every day. People also send us theirs and we add them.  So, apart from our own experiences, this travel/adventure blog became a blog developed by content contributors and adventure/outdoor practitioners around Greece and outside of it.

If you are one of them, you can add your content for Places and Sports, plus Events. There is no cost, we accept up to 30 photos per article (has to be around 500 words, or we can write it for you) and send us any youtube/vimeo videos you have.

Q: We see lots of things about Greece

We travel around the world but since we were born in Greece we have many experiences from this country. So we are implementing them all. But, we are adding more adventures and experiences from around the world.

So, our title is AGreekAdventure, which actually means that we -a team of Greeks- are on a life adventure trip.

Q: So, what is your scope/goal?

Actually? To share our experiences and those of others and have the ability to do all these trips. We also aim to raise our online audience to 2.000.000 visitors per month.

You can help us with that by sharing what you read here, with your friends.

Q: Do people like your blog? What is the feeling you get so far?

Definitely positive! Many people outside of Greece (and a good part from Greece too) send us emails asking things like:

  • Where to hike in X place?
  • Can you suggest a week of activities for my family?
  • Do you know a trust worthy person for paragliding in X island?
  • What can I do in X, Y, Z place in mainland Greece?

We get lots and lots emails asking such.

Q: We have heard that many travel bloggers are invited for press trips. Do you participate?

Yes. We like to visit places where someone also organizes an event for us to experience the place, but we also take off-the-beat tracks when we are there.

Q: Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, when they have something interesting and relevant to say. Contact us or send your content directly through the content submission page.

Q: What is your next trip?

Always planning the next trip…

Q: Who sustains you?

Socially, people support us and share our content. Technically, its ChannelDoubler which provides servers, hosting, designs, technical advices and digital marketing expertise.

Some of the brands we work with

work with us

“Formal” business data

Business address is: 483 Green Lanes, London, N134BS, UK. Feel free to contact us through the contact form here.

Welcome to A Greek Adventure.


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In different parts of our website you may notice some advertisements. These are to provide us with the budget to keep things running.


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