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Few know that Attica includes more than Athens. This is a huge advantage for a traveler since it provides them with an unparalleled variety of things to do in Attica region.

Al Hammam Baths Athens

Al Hammam in Athens Special Treatment Total Relaxation

When avid travelers want to relax a bit and replenish their energy, they don't just sit. They will do something "else" that goes along with their...
Hydra Island Greece

Things To Do In Hydra Island, Greece

Greece is most famous for its historical sites, the Olympic Games as well as its Greek philosophers, poets and leaders. However, Greece can also...
Cape Sounio, Temple of Poseidon

Cape Sounio, Temple of Poseidon

For Athenians, this small trip to Cape Sounio where the Temple of Poseidon resides, is an opportunity to admire the vast blue of the...
25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food

25 Delicious Dishes of Traditional Greek Food

When we heard it, we thought: Okay, with so many plates of traditional Greek food we are going to die right there! But we went anyway....
Things to Do in Athens, Anafiotika, Graffiti, History

Things to Do in Athens, Anafiotika, Graffiti, History

Get ready for part 2 of our experience where we discovered things to do in Athens. You can read the first part here. Our last...
Luxury Jeep Safari Touring

Luxury Jeep Safari Touring

Greece has way too many places that are better to visit through a Jeep Safari tour or at least a 4-wheel car. When this is...
Don’t Miss This Thing To Do in Athens Athens

Don’t Miss This Cool Thing To Do in Athens

You know what? You may have been in Athens, Greece some times but it is a city of different surprises. There are many things...
Unesco World Heritage

Greece Celebration of Unesco World Heritage Sites Day

Today, April 18th is the World Heritage Sites Day and it is a celebration of Cultural Heritage. Greece -as the cradle of Western civilization-...
Beyond Athens

Outdoor Activities with Beyond Athens

The region around Athens features warm weather year long and unspoilt Mediterranean landscapes, topped with worldclass attractions, a sophisticated nightlife and beaches with crystal...
Flavours of Athens - Greek food

Flavours of Athens Greek Food Tour

Tantalize your taste buds and gain insights into Greek gastronomy with this delicious Greek food tour in Athens. Learn all about the tastes Athenians...
wine tasting

Wine Tasting & Walking Tour with Athens Insiders

A perfect choice to discover the best of the city and to taste the finest Greek wines with a carefully selected assortment of savoury delicacies. This experience...
Wild mountains & rivers of Northern & Central Greece

Hiking wild mountains & rivers of Northern & Central Greece

Have you even been to a place, unknown to most of the world, but so beautiful and magical, that you want to keep it...
Parnitha Athens to Mpafi

Hiking to Mpafi Parnitha and pushing feet to the limits

It was one of these days where we were looking where to go for our Sunday and "stretch our legs" a bit. Winter is...

Slackline. What is this new trend?

What is slacklining? Slacklining originated within the mountain climbing scene during the 1980's. During days of rest, climbers got the idea to tie up climbing...
Greece Wave Festival

HWWT – Hellenic Windsurfing Wave Tour – 2014

The Hellenic Windsurfing Wave Tour for 2014 is coming. Check the details for the 2014 event. Photos below are from the 2013 event. Event Period:...
Horse Trekking in the Land of the Wolf

Horse Trekking in the Land of the Wolf

We live on Mount Adheres, in the hilltop refuge of Lykoparti, which means gathering of wolves. Until 1944, this area was inhabited by packs...

Climbing in Athens

Athens and its surrounding area is extremely rich in terms of hills and rock formations. Being one of the very few capitals around the...
stand up paddling alimos

Stand Up Paddle – SUP – Alimos Greece

STAND UP PADDLE or SUP is the new crazy thing in sea sports and the fastest growing sport during the last years, all over the world....
nordic walking greece

Nordic Walking Greece

A dynamic way to walk, from Finland. Nordic Walking is one of the favorite occupations of citizens of Finland (and of Scandinavians in general). The...
Perl Izumi Kryoneri 2013 (100)

Kryoneri – Pearl Izumi Mountain Cup 2014

Detail the dates and locations of the games are (as mentioned in the website): For the second consecutive year the famous sportswear company PEARL IZUMI...

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