Chios Island Greece Walking Routes: Kampia Gorge

As you see, our stories about Chios island will keep on coming. We would like to show you a gorge we walked through while we stayed at Spilia Guesthouses at Kardamila, Chios. Before that we stayed at Volissos (yeap, go and read about it).

To be more accurate, at the same day we arrived at Kardamila, went for a swiming at a very nice (and slightly cold sea) beach, and after all that we did the canyon too. We wanted to take in all of what each area of Chios island has to offer.

Arriving at Spilia Guesthouses

We landed at the village of Kardamila and we would stay there for a couple of days. Kardamila is less than an hour from Volissos, so driving is short and pleasant.

Kardamila is a very nice and quite village by the beach. There is Upper (Ano) Kardamila and Lower Kardamila. Chios island, Lower KardamilaChios island, Lower Kardamila

And here is the main square of Upper Kardamila. Lots of shade, a couple of taverns and some coffee houses. Very quite.

Chios island, Upper Kardamila square

So, the guesthouses were we would stay, used to be a castle.

Chios island, Spilia Guesthouses
View from outside of our house

Chios island, Spilia Guesthouses
View from breakfast area

Chios island, Spilia Guesthouses
View from our own private sitting area

Kiki and Dimitris who run this place decorate it with furniture and items that are part of Dimitris private collection. Staying there is like living in comfortable… museum, with all amenities of a hotel.

Chios island, Spilia GuesthousesChios island, Spilia GuesthousesChios island, Spilia GuesthousesChios island, Spilia GuesthousesChios island, Spilia Guesthouses

Houses are big, comfortable, with great view and quite secluded. You need a little bit of walking to get there (5 minutes) from where you park your car, but this place is special. This was our room!

Chios island, Spilia Guesthouses
Resting at bed, admiring the ceiling

Chios island, Spilia Guesthouses

Chios island, Spilia Guesthouses
Close up of main area

Chios island, Spilia Guesthouses
Other areas of our room

To the beach of Nagos

As mentioned we wanted to get out and explore the closest beach, in order to cool down and then to hike Kampia Gorge.

So, we landed here at Nagos beach.

Chios island, Nagos Beach
Nagos Beach

A simple beach, where you approach it via a small “secret” path. The water was very cool. Exactly what we needed! We didn’t want to leave from the beach but we were determined to do the gorge hiking. So we went back to Spilia, took a shower and went out seeking the gorge entry point.

Doing the Kampia Gorge

Kampia is a simple village of Chios island, which is known for its hiking along the gorge. The hiking route ends to the beach. So, anyone who feels hot has definitely a way to cool down, before going up again.

You need to be careful to find the Gorge entry point from inside the village. There are 2 big labels showing that, yet the actual entry point is slightly tricky to locate it.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge
When you see this sign, look left and locate the arrow in the next image. It is around 50 mt further.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge
This is the actual entry point to the gorge. There is no other sign, but this pole with the red arrow.

Either on your way down or after you return, you have to stop and admire the view from the entry point.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge
Enjoying the view at the entry point

Going in…

Chios island, Kampia Gorge

This pear tree is at the entrance. Full with fruits. We took a couple ones (each) as a snack. Completely organic, we just cleaned it up on our shirt and ate it. We are still here to tell about it. I love Greece for such. It also reminds me the cherries we ate like that, at one of Karpenisi villages; directly from the tree to our mouth. Same with figs and all kinds of free hanging fruits.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge
The juicy pear tree

The whole route is mostly under shade (around 85% of it) and was well marked during the period we were there.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge

We didn’t have a guide and it was easy to find our way. Make sure to have time. The route, if you take it slowly can be 4 hours both ways. Add some beach time to that (if you like), some resting time too, plus time to simply stop and smell the flowers.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge
Old bridge

Chios island, Kampia Gorge
Nature creations

What we liked a lot was this thing. At many locations there were signs labeling the flaura of this area. This gorge is used for school trips too.

What we liked a lot was this thing. At many locations there were signs labeling the flaura of this area. This as this gorge is used for school trips too.

While doing this gorge, preferably wear long trousers or sweat pants (actually, you have to wear such in hiking anyway). The reason? Along the path, in different places, there are things like vines with thorns. Well, it is nature out there and you have to comply with nature.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge

The area has plenty of water too. It was mid-July when we were there and there were small rivers and such.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge

Along the route are small ponds and many small bridges. These are mostly used during the months where water is high enough.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge
Many bridges like that everywhere

At the exit point and after a 10 minutes walking you arrive at the beach!

Chios island, Kampia Gorge

There are some pretty beautiful churches there and it is a very nice resting and picnic place.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge
Churches there provide shade and a very nice resting area

To go back you have 2 options. Either to do the same route or walk the dirt roads at the left or the right of the gorge. We did the first one. We went through the gorge again, so we are not very sure if these 2 roads land very close to the village.

Chios island, Kampia Gorge
Taking the path back to the village of Kampia

And of course we celebrated that by eating a couple of fruits, from the free-to-take pear tree at the gorge entrance.

By the way did you notice the forest fairy in this photo?

Chios island, Kampia Gorge

It was nearly 20.30 and we were a bit tired. The next day we would prepare for a whole day sailing cruise.

Thus we went back to Spilia in Kardamila to get some rest in our beautiful room!

A special thank you for our trip to Chios island

We were very intrigued by the wealth of information and what someone can do in Chios island. One thing led to another and 1 year later we landed on the island. The trip was organised by North Aegean, Regional Unit of Chios office. A variety of sponsors provided their services, accommodation and knowledge about the island of Chios. Transportation was sponsored by Hellenic Seaways!

Thank you all for this.

Kindly share this and make Chios known to the world!

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