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There is no fee or any other cost, to register your Activity, Event or Destination. Feel free to use this form in order to send us information about your Activity, Event or Destination. In case you have any questions kindly use the contact form . You can send us up to 15 photos per article and links to youtube/vimeo/other.

Texts need to be around 400-500 words, except for events (though it would be for your benefit to be as rich as possible), as events have a more temporary character. In case you landed here accidentally read this about us and our mission.

Follow these advices:

  1. Do not send content (texts, photos, videos) that is copy/paste from other websites. Yes, Wikipedia is another website too.
  2. Don’t send content that you don’t have the right to publish.
  3. Do not send text that says things like “we are the best” or such. You are not the only one that claims that. Allow your clients to do that, not yourself.

The reason? Duplicate content is useless. Re-write your existing article. If you don’t know how, we can recommend one to do it. Better to have a proper text than having a generic thing. All and all, would you “buy it” if you saw something generic and not intriguing?

For Guest Authors specifically: We accept blog posts related to our topic and we provide recognition. Kindly send us your ideas through the contact form and we will discuss about it. Make sure they are original. We check them with Copyscape.

For Experts/Trainers articles and News updates (i.e.  “secret locations”, weird tips, things related to Greek locations and activities or your News for things you organized): Same as for Guest Bloggers. As long as they are for Greece, send as many as you want.

Do you want to sell your tour/activity packages? We can offer a complete purchase environment for this. See this page on how tours are presented, and this one to register your business with us.

Things are simple, transparent and straight forward. You make money, we get a small commision for the promotion.

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