Drones: Use Them For Stunning Aerial Photography

New Tools Of The Trade

Drones and photography? Modernity comes complete with tools that rival the imagination of science fiction writers. A great example are drones.

If you’re unfamiliar, drones are basically the RC cars of the skies. Remember when you were younger, and you received a remote control car?

You could drive that thing around the whole block, and it was insanely fun! Well, a drone is the next iteration.

How To Use Drones To Do Stunning Aerial Photography

Drones are a lot more heavy-duty, though. They can fly. They usually feature four protected rotors, and many have a range of five miles. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

Typically, the high-dollar drones can be as much as a used car. They’re about half a meter across, or less, and they can go very high in the air indeed.

As a matter of fact, drones can go so high that there are licenses which have quickly become part and parcel to the industry.

As the technology has refined, in-built computer controls have made it so that said drones can be piloted safely—even through obstacle courses.

Given the high expense of these drones, you wouldn’t want to crash one into a tree because a gust came at the wrong moment and limited your ability to fly! So programmed controls have been designed to hep prevent this. With such a tool, you can catch some stunning pictures indeed—and drones are designed for just this purpose.

Drones Are Catering To A Variety Of Needs

Whether your needs involve surveying a site for a future quarry, catching footage for a film in a way that is less expensive than using either a crane or a helicopter, or just plain entertaining yourself, there are a bevy of top-tier drones designed just for this purpose.

How To Use Drones To Do Stunning Aerial Photography

The only caveat is practicing in order to get the “feel” of these drones, and having replacement parts ready.

You’re most likely to lose a propeller in a botched landing, so have two for each rotor available at all times. That’s eight additional rotors, if you’re keeping track. So long as you have these things, you can catch some stunning photography with a reasonable amount of reliability regardless of your skill.

Furthermore, additional technology has made this photography even more useful—did you know 3D images can be extracted from 2D ones?

What is photogrammetry?

Many today have come into a position where they discover photogrammetry software—PhotoModeler is chief among photogrammetry solutions today; according to the site: “The PhotoModeler Software extracts 3D measurements and models from photographs taken with an ordinary camera. [It represents] a cost-effective way for accurate 3D scanning, measurement, surveying, and reality capture.”

Basically, you could use a drone to map an entire area, then you could use such photogrammetry software to give that 2D map 3D texture.

It could then be fed into a computer where a three-dimensional model may be manipulated for whatever purposes the photographer has; whether they be construction, presentation, or design related.

Soaring Among The Clouds

Something else that is interesting today is drone photography as utilized through cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) application. The cloud has applications that are used by many different businesses today, and as it turns out you could design a drone protocol which can make surveillance automatic.

How To Use Drones To Do Stunning Aerial Photography

Additionally, you can fit your drone with WiFi technology, making it an IoT device remotely operable from wherever you happen to be.

The sky used to be the limit, but with drones this barrier is quickly being overcome.

If you have aerial photography needs, using today’s technological developments to your advantage could save you time and money, while simultaneously delivering you solutions unattainable any other way.

Drone tech is overcoming the film industry, it’s already been readily embraced by the military, and the private sector is waxing wise.

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