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The area of the United Kingdom has long been thoroughly settled, however here you can discover lots of locations with nearly unblemished nature. Loch Ness in Scotland is well-known mostly as the home of the popular Nessie, a mythical monster that is the descendant of the dinosaurs, which, inning accordance with the legend, lives in the depths of the lake and sometimes appears on the surface area. But even without the beast, attractive beaches and high green hills that surround the blue expanse of the lake can barely leave anyone indifferent.

Though it is challenging to reach the British Islands from the continent, they have actually been inhabited since ancient times. In ancient times, this territory was rich in tin, and the Phoenicians and the Greeks called Britain the Tin Islands. The most amazing and well-known monument here is Stonehenge. A lot of legends are connected with it: Stonehenge used to be an observatory throughout the Stone Age and a spiritual monument with an altar; some even considered it to be an alien spaceport.

There are lots and lots of things to see in the United Kingdom. Here are our ideas and experiences.

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