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You Are Your Best Adventure!

Yes, you are! You the amateur traveler, the amazing snooping, sniffing, touching, tasting local or international baggage/luggage/backpack carrier. You, who can survive anywhere with a small or big budget (OK, with big is easier).

You are the one! The person that gets glossy, muddy, wet(!), flies high, dives deep or at the shallow, who likes two wheels (with or without engine), the ecotourist, the agriculturist, the extreme sports athlete or trainer… In a few words the one that loves life! The grand amazing traveler who has visited 1, 5, 10 or maybe 1000 places.

People need to see the world through your feelings in words and photos, and videos, and sketches and whatever can be in digital form.

You are invited! We want you to send us your experience (in English).

Send your feelings and share them and inspire people to do the same. We were like you and got inspired to do things! We trust you, as… YOU ARE YOUR BEST ADVENTURE!

Say it loud: I. AM. MY. BEST. ADVENTURE!

Join us now!

  • Send your article by email at chris[@] (remove the brackets to send it)
  • Articles can be from all over the world, related to the content of this site.
  • Do you have your own and rights free photos? Send them over with or Dropbox or We can publish up to 20 per article. One of them will be a cover/header photo so it needs to be 2000px wide or a more.
  • Are you familiar with advices? Then send a list of things people to do in X Place. For example “10 things to do when snorkeling in Dragon Lake”.
  • Write with the same enthusiasm, like when you told the same story to your friends who were listening with eyes wide open!

Ask as anything! We will help you with editing your article. No worries.

The Hall of Fame

  • Do you have a blog? We will mention it in your own article.
  • Perhaps a Facebook, Twitter, other page? We will do that too!
  • Your name will be displayed clearly and largely along with a few words that you like as a statement.
  • Have a fancy photo? We will show that along with the above.
  • We will publish all of the above and your article to all our Social Channels and website of course, unless you want to stay incognito…

That’s it! Send your first piece now! Happy tripping!

Contact us

Click for the contact form to discuss all above opportunities.


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