If you really want to know what are the best and top things to do in Athens, Greece then this is the section for you. In this section you will be able to locate a variety of activities related to culinary, sports, sightseeing (more than Acropolis), outdoors and adventures! Enjoy

Hiking in Athens, Parnitha

Hiking in Athens, Greece: Parnitha Mountain

Hiking in Athens? Can it be done? Is it available you may ask?Well, yes it is. You can even do it on your own...

Slackline Greece. What is this new trend?

Slacklining originated within the mountain climbing scene during the 1980's. During days of rest, climbers got the idea to tie up climbing ropes between...
stand up paddling alimos

Stand Up Paddle Greece Alimos Athens

STAND UP PADDLE or SUP is the new crazy thing in sea sports and the fastest growing sport during the last years, all over the world....
hiking parnitha fili

Hiking Parnitha Fili, Athens, Greece

General info for hiking ParnithaThis route, although is unknown to many people and far from the crowded paths of Parnitha, is very interesting. It...
paragliding and paramotoring

Paragliding & Paramotoring Athens Greece

To come into the world of Paragliding or Paramotoring (parachute but using a motor and a propeller) is like opening a door to another...