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Amorgos Greece is located at the far east of the Cyclades complex. Having an elongated shape it looks like a wall that fortifies the eastern part of Lesser Cyclades. Amorgos is an island abundant in cultural heritage and wild charm. It impresses visitors from the moment they step their foot on it. The traveler will stay with awe gazing mountains and high slopes ending on fairy tale beaches. These crystal clear water beaches inspired the French film-maker, Luc Besson, to chose Amorgos Greece island to film parts of his  atmospheric and esoteric movie titled “The Big Blue.”

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Sensational Hiking Paths of Amorgos Greece

Here are some great -with details- hiking paths of Amorgos, sent to us by Irene Giannakopoulos.From Chora to Katapola The route with the red and white mark "2" connects Chora with Katapola in about half an hour. The path is old...