Hiking Patmos Greece

Hiking Patmos Greece paths

Another hiking trip at Patmos Greece from Paths of Greece.This island is very mystical and you can experience both its religious history along with some very interesting hiking paths. The paths are:Hiking Patmos - Stavros - Psili Ammos -...

Patmos Greece

Have you ever been at Patmos Greece? This island is one of the most desirable travel destinations in the Aegean Sea.This Greek island beckons to visitors for a variety of different reasons.Chief among the isle's features are the spectacular...
Mystical Patmos, Jerusalem of Aegean

Mystical Patmos Greece Jerusalem of Aegean

History of Patmos emerges from the ancient years. The island where Apostle John wrote the Apocalypse.A rather mystical and threatening book which supposes to reveal the last days of humanity, judged by God.For a full guide on what things...