Hiking in Athens, Greece: Parnitha Mountain

Hiking in Athens? Can it be done? Is it available you may ask?

Well, yes it is. You can even do it on your own by following a couple of instructions. It is a fantastic experience with multiple routes to choose on Mount Parnitha.

Hiking in Athens Experience

It was one of these days where we were looking where to go for our Sunday and “stretch our legs” a bit.

Winter was closing relatively fast in Athens and the scenery changes, along with low temperatures.

However, the weather forecast was good for Athens and Mount Parnitha for that weekend.

So, Fotis Godfavor from “Apodrasi sth Fisi” group, (translated to Escape to Nature, in English) contacted us at the right time to his Facebook group.

We joined them and and saw a group of like minded people who are self-organized and depend on the team effort to have a good time on mountain hiking around Athens.

Parnitha from Mpafi to Athens
Group photo. Some from the original team took the cable car down.

This week it was time for the “Teleferik (Cable car) parking -> Mpafi refuge (one of our favorites) -> Teleferik” route.

The route is very close to Athens (you can be there from 30 mins to 1 hour tops from any location in Athens) and carefully marked.

We have been to other Parnitha routes before but not to this one.

Hiking in Athens: Mount Parnitha

Parnitha provides a good number of different hiking routes, with different levels of difficulty, different amazing views, plus a great number of rock climbing routes.

Its amazing to have such an out of the noise place so close.

Parnitha is also considered to be one of the “oxygen providers” of Athens.

Fotis, from the -unofficial- organizing team provided precise instructions for the meeting place and time of departure.

We were there, and joined a team of happy mountain clothed hiking individuals of all ages. Some of them were people we have met through other hiking/trekking activities.

Most of the route was very nice and serene changing from steep to smooth in many places.

We had the opportunity to stay at Mpafi refuge for almost 2 hours (as a break) where most of us enjoyed hot chocolate and coffee, chestnut pies, a variety of “mountain cuisine”, the amazing “rackomelo” of Mpafi, and a thrilling view.

The total walking length of the route was a good 12 Km, where our way back tested the physical status of our quadriceps but comforted us with amazing views of Athens while moving down.

Parnitha from Mpafi to Athens
Looking down to Athens.

The team got a bit shorter as we were coming back, since some grabbed the the opportunity to ride the cable car back to the base.

The aftermath for the AGreekAdventure team? A very pleasant tiredness. The one that says “I am a bit tired but feel calm and full at the same time from my experience in this amazing nature”.

Photo from hiking in Athens, Greece

Check the amazing photos from this route.

Many travelers to Athens don’t know that there are lots and lots of activities to do around Athens.

Hiking in Athens is something very common for Athenians.

The mountain of Parnitha hosts Deer and lots of kinds of wildlife.

It remains a pleasant break from the buzzing city of Athens and for those who want to try their luck, the Athens casino is just a few meters away.

Have fun!

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