Kayaking Equipment: What You Need To Know

During the hot days of the summer months, its fun to get out on the water to have some fun and relax. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy yourself; consider kayaking for an amazing experience. Many of those who have never tried kayaking before, honestly, can’t tell what all the fuss is about. That is, until they get out on the water and try it for themselves.

Kayaking can be done on any type of waterway and therefore can lead to a variety of different experiences. For example, because of the maneuverability of the vessel, kayaks can be used to explore places that would normally be inaccessible, go fishing on the open sea, or simply be used as a way to take in Mother Nature at a slow and leisurely pace; it’s all about your personal preference.

Explore Sea Kayaking in many locations of Greece

Interested in trying kayaking for yourself? Before you go out and get your feet wet, here is some important information about the equipment that you will need:

  1. Kayaks- These little boats come in different models for a variety of different uses. Before purchasing your personal kayak, consider where you will be most likely to use it. There are kayaks that are just for fun, kayaks for use on the open water, and kayaks for usage on rivers. Theres one for every need. Additionally, get your feet wet firstbefore you go out and buy a brand new kayak. The little bit of experience gained will help you determine the best board for you.
  2. Kayak Paddle- Similar to the kayaks, there are many types of paddles models that are best for the specific kayaking activity that you will be engage in and the size of your vessel itself.
  3. Flotation Devices- Lifejackets save lives… period. Wear one at all times while in the water. Type 3 PFD are approved for kayaking.
  4. Kayak Helmet: Helmets come in different styles and types; some even with additional features like a face protection bar.
  5. Spray Skirt- This fits around the opening in the kayak and around your waist to keep water out of the kayak. They are available in neoprene, nylon or a combination of both materials. The material picked should be specific to the activity you will be engaging in because certain fabrics are better for use in certain situations.

If you’ve never kayaked before, then make sure you take an experienced friend or an instructor with you until you get the hang of it. Although relatively simple, some things can’t be taught from reading alone; you will have to go out and experience if for yourself. No worries, in no time at all, you will be a professional yourself.

(We would like to thank Olympos Trek and Rafting House for their photos)


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