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Kea island in Greece, is actually a Cyclades island, like Santorini, Naxos and many more. It remains a popular destination for Athenians and tourists who stay in Athens for a few days (by the way Athens is actually a multi-day destination), before jumping to a Greek island.

It is a small island. Accessing its beaches and main villages is very easy.

Kea is great even for single day excursions. Just rent a car, a hog bike or other and explore it. However, it is best experienced if you stay there for a couple of days or maybe three, in order to “taste” the different beaches.

The island of Kea is a popular destination for yachts and small boats since it is extremely close to Athens.

Kea Greece

This is our experience from a single day trip to the island of Kea.

Kea Greece

What to do in Kea Greece

Almost all will go for sightseeing at Ioulis, the capital of Kea. Very nice village, with bright blue and white colors.

Kea Greece

Don’t forget to visit the Castle of Ioulis.

Kea Greece
Inside the Castle of Ioulis.

Kea GreeceKea GreeceKea GreeceKea GreeceKea GreeceDon’t stop there. Visit even more villages of Kea.

Kea GreeceVisitors who may have done a bit of research, will seek the Lion of Kea. It is located at the Ioulis village outskirts, walking there through a nice path with pretty good view.

Kea Greece
The Lion (Leon) of Ioulis

Taste the acorn cookies. They are a bit hard but really nutritional. This store just outside the harbor, towards Ioulis village, offers a pretty good variety.

Kea Greece

Some of the churches are spectacular with bright colors and yards with refreshing shade. This one is from the church of Panagia Kastriani.

Kea GreeceKea GreeceKea Greece

View from atop of Kastriani.

Kea GreeceThere is a small variety of hiking routes but keep in mind that sun is strong and Kea is not considered a “luscious green” island.

Kea Greece

There is also the lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos at Vourkari, near the harbor of Korissia, and you can visit it through walking atop of a hill.

Kea Greece

This area below is near the lighthouse area and is well known for the minerals in the rocks. These make those rocks look stunning.

Kea Greece

Here are a few aspects from the lighthouse.

Kea GreeceKea GreeceDon’t leave the island without experiencing one (or more) of the beaches.

Kea Island Beaches

Kea is well known for its beautiful beaches. Even in July we found beaches for all tastes. There are secluded ones, those that vibrate with music and ones where you can just “spread” your body on a lounge chair to work on your tan.

Waters are clean.

Kea Greece
Pisses beach

Kea Greece
Pisses beach

Kea Greece
Gialiskari beach


Below is the beach of Otzias.

Kea Greece
Beach of Otzias

Most famous beaches of Kea are: Otzias, Gialiskari, Korissia, Pisses, Koundouros, Kampi, Karthea and Mikres Poles, Orkos, Spathi.

Of course, last but not least is food. Make time to taste some sea food like this one.

Kea Greece

How to get to Kea Greece

You can take the Athens to Kea ferry which actually leaves from… Lavrio area outside of Athens. Simply take the public transportation from Athens to Lavrio (apprx., 1 hour). From there, a ferry departs frequently towards the island port (a 1 hour trip). So, in total it is a 2 hour trip to get on the island of Kea. In the port there are many car/bike rental services and public transportation.

Kea Greece is a destination that most will visit again and again while in Athens and Greece. We plan to go back for a couple more days to explore some important archaeological sites (Karthea).


Kea Greece


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