La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia is something you won’t miss to see in Barcelona, even if you try to.

During our trips there we were left in awe, just by looking at that magnificent and really different church building.

When you visit it, you are really puzzled on what to start looking first. Each element of the church exterior seems to have a special meaning in its creators mind; the original designer, Antoni Gaudí.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

Who really knows what were the mindfulness associations in his mind that led to that gigantic complex – symmetrical – design. In all cases its a delight to the eye.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

Even in these days (2017) where the whole building is not yet complete, the visitor will be amazed from it.

If you like to book ahead you can click this link. La Sagrada Familia receives tons of visitors and it is better not wait in the line.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

In the official website of La Sagrada Familia, you can experience virtual replications of the upcoming building, expected to complete in 2026. We are pasting it here for your convenience.

La Sagrada Familia church

The front of the church is embellished with more than a lots scenes from the story of the Birth of Jesus developed by Gaudi. Each tableau is comprised of bigger than life sculptures. You can see an entertainment of the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt, the go to of the Magi, the engagement of Mary and Joseph and a gruesome representation of soldiers killing all the infant kids in Bethlehem.

A special aspect on this side of the church is a big personalized grid with sixteen squares. Each square includes a number. There are 321 methods to include 4 various numbers from these squares to make the amount of 33, the variety of years Jesus lived.

Throughout the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent guideline of Franco very little work was done on the Sagrada Familia. In truth throughout that duration Gaudi’s workshop was burned. Fortunately a number of his plans for the cathedral were conserved. Although the designs he had actually constructed of the church were smashed, devoted buddies, trainees and fans painstainkingly pieced them back together.

The back of the church has another set of sculptured scenes. These relate the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Developed by a more contemporary artist, however remaining real to the strategies set out by Gaudi, these sculptures reveal Biblical occasions like the soldiers casting lots for Jesus’ bathrobes, Jesus being whipped and Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss.

Another finished part of the Sagrada Familia is the crypt which was ended up by the initial designer on the task, Francesc de Villar, who ultimately resigned and made it possible for Gaudi to take it on. As a mark of regard to Antoni Gaudi, he is entombed within a chapel in the crypt. The structure now hosts a museum committed to the church where a few of the initial styles are shown consisting of a few of Gaudi’s initial illustrations.

Gaudi and Sagrada Familia

Gaudi was 32 years of ages when he handled the job and dropped his other work to concentrate on it, and he was 73 years of ages when he passed away in 1926 after being struck by a cable car. The church practically became his life’s work, and one questions exactly what other marvels he would have left us had he not concentrated on this incomplete structure. We do unknown exactly what the supreme prepare for it were, due to the fact that they were ruined throughout the Spanish Civil War.

Among the factors it has actually taken so long to develop the church is Gaudi’s persistence that no federal government cash be utilized to spend for it. The work is being moneyed specifically by donors. These donors consist of the countless travelers from around the globe who pay an entry cost to go to the church each year.

Constructing the church was so crucial to him, that later on in his life he dealt with it solely, as well as moved onto the building and construction website and lived there. He passed away in 1926 and is buried in a crypt in the church. Gaudi’s other excellent architectural tasks in Barcelona have actually ended up being essential traveler destinations however the Sagrada Familia is his work of art.

Is Barcelona only about La Sagrada Familia?

We were thinking that this city is one of the cities where we could easily stay for years. It is very well organized and apart from the beautiful landmarks and sightseeing, quality of life seems great. Yes, of course you will visit the Cathedral but there is more to that.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona
The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia

We are not talking about tourist locations like La Ramblas, but for the overall feeling this city beams.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

We were in Barcelona the day Catalonia declared its independence (October 2017). Very emotional days. People were gathering in squares and mainly in the one where Barcelona City Hall resides.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

This meat… is served in all possible ways. Even as a snack in a cone to take out. The photo is from a butcher’s shop…

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

Las Ramblas, remains one of the most touristic roads. In our opinion there is not something special to experience here, other than overpriced relatively medium quality food.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

The influence of Gaudi is all over the city, but there is far more interesting architectural work from other masters of that art.

La Sagrada Familia & City of BarcelonaLa Sagrada Familia & City of BarcelonaLa Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

Fantastic variety of food. One of the most tasty burgers ever, and we usually don’t eat burgers.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

One of the small architectural jewels you will encounter while walking through the city.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

Guess what… more boutique like artistically presented… meat.

La Sagrada Familia & City of BarcelonaLa Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

Every city must have at least one of these bars for travelers with all things necessary. Food and wifi.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

Semi-cloudy day and the sun was playing with us and the buildings.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

Happier than usual after sampling a good number of glasses of wine during the “Mostra de Vins et Caves de Catalunya”. They had this nifty trick. You paid, i.e. 20 euros, and you got credits and your own glass. You could stroll from kiosk to kiosk and redeem different amount of credits for different wines. Very clever and very cost effective. With 20 euros we got around 5 glasses each. We think this is glass number 5, so excuse the slight photo “dizziness”.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

One of the tastiest paeja’s we tasted, in a very small, not-fancy-at-all, restaurant near the wine exhibition.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

A great sample of culture! What a clever idea to carry your bike with train. Seats change from regular to bike holders, so bikes occupy less space.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

More special corners and secret gardens all over the city, inside old buildings.

La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona

Is Barcelona only about La Sagrada Familia then? Definitely not. The city is a treasure for good quality life and costs range a lot so you can find many options for all kinds of budgets.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Make some notes for the things to experience and don’t forget to read our other posts for Park Guell and Montserrat.

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La Sagrada Familia & City of Barcelona


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