Climbing in Athens

Athens and its surrounding area is extremely rich in terms of hills and rock formations. Being one of the very few capitals around the...
kofoi b magnesia greece

Magnesia Climbing Field Kofoi B – Spiliorema

Many years have passed from when I was at the beginning of my climbing activity and was going through the first issues of “Anevainontas”...
anavra magnesia

Rock Climbing Magnesia Othris, Mountain of the Titans

The location of Othris during Greek Mythology, is provided by Isiodos in his work “Theogonia”: «…Because they were fighting for long and they had a...
mikro pelion greece

Pelion Greece Climbing

Mikro – Platania of Pelion Greece Are you used to going to the same places for climbing? The same predictable route? Would you like to...
paou field pelion greece

Climbing Pelion Magnesia, Greece

Climbing field of Paou - Argalastis at Pelion Magnesia Pelion, Greece is the mountain of Centaurs and widely known to all for its beautiful villages,...
climbing meteora

Climbing Meteora

Climbing Meteora is the ultimate climbing challenge for an experienced climber. The region of Meteora lies in the area of Thessaly in Central Greece....
rock climbing tips for beginners

Rock Climbing Tips for the Beginner

If you're a rock climbing enthusiast, then you know what an adrenaline filled sport it can be. When you're rock climbing, your mind becomes...
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