paragliding and paramotoring

To come into the world of Paragliding or Paramotoring (parachute but using a motor and a propeller) is like opening a door to another dimension.

The one that someone explores little by little and lifts his body and soul up in the sky.

From the very first moment that gravity becomes almost zero, the mind travels high looking for the aerial paths of each and every exit.

No matter how someone will try to describe the feelings, he will not be able to transfer that unique feeling that the operator (and tandem passenger) feels as he drives this simple flying device safely up to the sky and back to earth.

Controlling the flying machine is relatively easy, but we constantly watch our movement at the aerial space as because our direction changes every single second.

Our movement is horizontal with a slight descent or even rise when we catch that wind current and like the birds we utilize its power.

In the case of paramotor we start from ground level and we rise with the help of the motor. Weather conditions are very important to every single flight and in general its better to have a slight wind with a clear or even a bit cloudy weather.

We expand our wing having the wind at our face and after walking a few small steps we simply leave earth under our feet.

A flight can last from a few minutes to many hours, depending on weather conditions and the capabilities/skulls of the operator. Like in every sport so in Paragliding and Paramotoring there are different phases for the trainee, which initiate him from low to high altitudes and later on to far distant places, as skills are improved day by day.

Having a 23 year experience we can cover all needs, both for novices and experienced pilots.

If you have never experienced Paragliding and/or Paramotoring before you can try a 2 seat flight (tandem) where the operator will be an experienced trainer. The flight duration is about 15-20 minutes and of course depending on the circumstances it can last longer. Paragliding is the easiest and reachable (from the learning point) aerial sport to learn and operate as well as the easiest one regarding 2-seat flights.

It is good for all ages (you can start learning from the age of 12, or 5 if you really want to get addicted), while no previous knowledge/experience is required.


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Paragliding and paramotoring in Greece 37.983716, 23.729310 Paragliding and paramotoring in Greece. Read more...Athens, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Greece (Directions)


Contact the organizers through: +306944 555701, or through their contact data below.


  1. Looking to book paragliding or paramotoring on Aug 22nd or 23rd or 28th for 2 people. Never done it before. Ages 23 and 26; both female. Please let me know if it is possible and the pricing as well.

  2. Looking to book paragliding or paramotoring between May 24th and May 30th. One person. Close tp Athens if possible. Thanks.


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