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Pounda,Paros . The perfect kite spot. PKRA 2005 World Tour stop & KPWT 2006 World Tour stop. A sandy beach with no obstacles with a shallow side, offering a quick and safe learning for courses and a perfect kite spot for experienced riders. The wind is always constant, with an average of 4 to 5 windy days per week during all year, from 12 to 35 knots.

Pounda was included in the PKRA World Tour (Professional Kiteboard Riders Association) in 2005 and it is included in the KPWT 2006-2008 World Tour ( Kiteboard Pro World Tour)

 IKO Kiteboarding Discovery Course

The ” Discovery Kitesurf one-day-try-out” is the perfect course for students that want to have a good idea of kitesurf and for students who don´t have much time and want to initiate the course and finish it somewhere else. We remind you that you can start a course with us and continue it in any IKO centre around the world. We use IKO methods that emphasizes security.

Course description- Welcome and theory of the wind windo

  • Safety information
  • Weather acknowledge ( nautical, wind, currents etc)
  • Kite set up: Bar and lines
  • Kite control on the beach ( Training kite)
  • Emergency release practice ( on the Beach)
  • Landing and Launch ( with assistance)
  • Water re- launching ( Theory and practice – Option Depend on Weather)
  • Body dray ( Theory)Discovery Kiteboarder Program

The best way to discover Kiteboarding!

Discover Kiteboarding and elevate your water sports experience! The IKO Kiteboarding programs are designed to help you learn in a safe way. Your IKO instructor will respect your rythm and take you through all the steps to reach your goals.

Your level will be certified with your IKO Kiteboarder Card at the end of your lesson, or you can move on to the next level of riding!

Level 1A

  • Know safe wind directions and conditions for kiting
  • Know hazards on a spot
  • Set up a trainer kite
  • Know the use of safety systems

Level 1B

  • Have basic flying skills with trainer kite
  • Launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant.
  • Twist and untwist the lines while flying the kite.
  • Walk and change directions while flying the kite
  • Know the wind window

Level 1C

  • Set-up a 4/5 line kite with a full de-power system
  • Pre- flight check equipment and settings
  • In flight check equipment and settings
  • Understand and use the international communication signals
  • Launch and land the kite to an assistant and as an assistant (4/5-line de-power kite)

Level 1D

  • Control the kite hooked into the harness
  • Understand the de-power system and can use the safety systems
  • Advanced flying skills with the de-power kite
  • Show full control of de-power systems in flight

Level 1E

  • Pull quick release and activate leash
  • Recover the bar and kite
  • Self land

P. S- After the class the student can received the IKO card.

Paros Kite Pro Center is situated at the west side of Paros Island , 8 kilometers from Parikia, the port of Paros. Pounda Beach, located on the western part of Paros opposite to Antiparos, has become one of the best kiteboarding spots world wide. Its steady side shore wind, flat water and the big space free of obstacles make it unique for kiteboarding. If it is for teaching, learning, just practicing or launching and landing. There is enough space for everybody.

Check out this amazing video from Paros Kite Pro Center

Contact Paros Kiteboard through: +30302284092071, +306947180720+306947180720 and their contact data below.

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