Peek At Greek – Greek Language Lessons During Holidays

Have you ever heard of this ability to learn the Greek language during holidays? Well, it seems Peek at Greek had this fabulous idea. Learn all about it.

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”


With this phrase the philosopher means that we understand the world as much as our language skills allow us. But reading this phrase from a different perspective one can wonder … are there limits in our language and simultaneously in our world? And if so, how are they defined? What role does our imagination have in the demarcation of our world?

Without being able to answer the above questions, let’s consider how we feel when after a journey we have expanded our thinking and the way we perceive our world, particularly when it concerns a foreign country and a different culture. Sometimes reality surpasses our imagination or enhances and creates a new personal “world”. We see the connection between language and culture, the existence of different communities, the use of different languages and, ultimately, the expansion of the limits of our thinking and often the confirmation or extension of our imagination…

These findings can only be pleasant and creative¬† … giving us the opportunity to discover ourselves in a multicultural society and find our identity, our true self, by understanding the world around us.

The teaching of the Greek language as a second/foreign language is happening by and through means of personal past experiences, associated with the Greek nature, art and popular culture. We will discover together the language that is hidden in our songs, movies, tales and recipes.

Our goal is to get out of the restrictions of the traditional class and to learn Greek through travelling, hiking or making a historic walk. In our effort there are no time restrictions. Even few hours of contact with the Greek language and the Greek life are enough to feel part of Greece, its culture and language. If happen to pass from Thessaloniki and would like to know the language and the hidden gems of the city, we are waiting for you on a journey of words and senses.

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