Petzl’s expertise serving young climbers

Petzl’s expertise serving young climbers in the making

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For over thirty years, Petzl has been designing some of the most technical, comfortable and ergonomic harnesses. Applying all this experience to the design of a harness for children, Petzl now provides a way for them to participate in their favorite sport under the same conditions as their parents!

Until now, harnesses designed for children were typically made entirely out of webbing. With MACCHU, Petzl offers young climbers the benefit of a harness designed with exactly the same ENDOFRAME Technology process as in the adult models, which offer excellent weight distribution at the waistbelt and leg loops, and therefore a level of comfort ideal for learning the basics of climbing.

The MACCHU harness evolves to follow the child faithfully as he/she progresses and grows, thanks to its wide range of adjustment options: 54 to 64 cm at the waistbelt, and 34 to 44 cm at the leg loops.

The centering of the tie-in point and the proper positioning of the equipment loops are ensured by the two waistbelt buckles. Harness adjustment is facilitated by the automatic DoubleBack buckles at the waistbelt and leg loops, which are easily manipulated by either the parent or the child himself.

For the youngest users, MACCHU can be completed with BODY shoulder straps, which ensure excellent positioning and are extremely comfortable.


MACCHUWith comfortable and adjustable waistbelt and leg loops, the MACCHU harness is ideal for sport climbing for children and adapts to the child’s evolution in his practice. The ENDOFRAME Technology construction, identical to that of an adult harness, provides excellent weight distribution around the waistbelt and leg loops to ensure greater comfort.

The two DoubleBack buckles on the waistbelt allow systematic centering of the tie-in points and ensure quick and easy adjustment.

The colored connection loop allows a quick visual check of the belayer’s connection point.

MACCHUWaistbelt has two DoubleBack buckles for systematic centering of the tie-in point. Colored connection loop for quick visual check of the connection point.

MACCHUTwo rigid equipment loops at the front for easy and quick access to equipment.

The specific construction of the ENDOFRAME Technology waistbelt allows excellent weight distribution.


MACCHUComfort shoulder straps for children, to be used with a MACCHU type seat harness. The BODY is comfortable, easy to put on, and keeps a small child with still under-defined hips from flipping.

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