Samos Greece

Samos Greece is one of the islands of East Aegean and lies fairly close to the Turkish coast. It used to be a really traditional Greek island and at one time boasted a long marble road lined with statues, but modernization has eliminated some of its former glory.

That said, it is still a very beautiful place to visit with miles of sandy beaches, towering mountains and lush green forests. Flamingos arrive there at certain times of the year and bird watching is a very popular activity, the native flora is colorful and makes a great subject for keen photographers.

The inland hills are well known for wine growing, the most famous being the hillsides around Vourholes where Muscat comes from.

For adventurous types Samos Greece is a paradise for rock climbers and there are opportunities to undertake this activity all over the island. The best place to go is on the Western side where you find the Kerkis mountain range. The highest peak is Vigla which is 4,700 feet high and is the highest peak in the Eastern Aegean.

The other activity Samos Greece is renowned for is caving. At one time there were more than 70 caves on the island, some of them have now gone but there are still plenty of caves to explore. If you are an experienced caver you just ask any of the locals and they will point you in the right direction. If you do not wish to do this independently there are excursions you can get to visit the various caves.

One of the more hazardous, but adventurous things you can do on Samos Greece is to visit the Potami Waterfall. It looks simple to walk along the path from Potami beach but about 500 meters along the path you have to go into the water, which is icy cold. It is quite shallow but the ground under your feet is marshy and you come across slippery rocks so it is best to wear shoes. Not for the faint-hearted but it is worthy it when you get to the magnificent waterfall.

There are endless opportunities to have fun and adventure on Samos as there are a wide variety of watersports you can take part in. Diving is popular as the Aegean Sea has such lovely underwater sites and colorful fish. If you prefer to stay above the water you can sail round the island, do sea kayak, windsurf or kitesurf.

Samos is an excellent place to windsurf due to the reliable summer winds. There is a large windsurfing center at Kokkari on the northern coast of the island where the wind blows from the left side shore giving some great free-ride conditions.

The mountainous backdrop makes it one of the most attractive windsurfing venues in the world and this backdrop causes regular afternoon thermals.

Samos is a large island and there is plenty to see as well as plenty of activities you can undertake. One of the most fascinating things to do if you are not claustrophobic is to visit the Tunnel of Eupalinus which is considered to be one of the eighth wonders of the world.

It was originally the aquaduct that served the ancient City of Samos Greece but it is now dry and you can wind your way through the vast underground tunnel.

The Greek Goddess Hera was supposedly born on Samos and you can find peace and tranquillity wandering round the Heraion Sanctuary. It is now ruins but there is plenty to see and great views of the mountains. Some visitors have even found it quite spooky making them imagine ghosts from days long by.

When you visit this site you will come across a magnificent example of ancient engineering in the form of the Eupalinian Aquaduct.

As well as Hera Samos is also the birthplace of the maths genius Pythagoras and his name lives on in the Pythgoreion which is open to the public.

In ancient times Samian wine was produced on the island and it is still produced today so you cannot leave Samos without tasting a sample.

Samos is well worth a visit with hot rainless summers and mild winters and a contrast of ancient and modern, turquoise blue seas, magnificent mountains and unusual caves.


Photo credits: MY PHOTOS 1000+, Peter Shutter.

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