Samothrace Greece Unspoilt Beauty

Dotted around the world are places of stunning natural beauty and peaceful silence best described as “hidden gems”. Samothrace, a small Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea is one of those places, also referred as the island of the sanctuary of the great gods.

What to know for Samothrace?

At only 178 km2 (69 sq miles), Samothrace packs a lot into its small size. Bursting with picture perfect views of rich green vegetation, lakes, rivers, mountains and waterfalls, the island has a lot to offer the curious tourist and thrill-seeking adventurer.

With a small local population of under 3,000 and its main industry being fishing, Samothrace is relatively undisturbed by the modern world and remains one of the last truly virgin islands of Greece.

Steeped in a long and colorful history, there is evidence of human activity on the island since Neolithic times.

Referred to in Greek mythology as the island of Aeolus, legend has it that Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, sat on top of the islands “Mount Saos” to watch the Troy war.

With pristine pebble beaches, crystal clear sea, rich native wildlife and migratory birds surrounding you in every direction, stepping into the island gives the impression of entering a heaven on Earth.

It’s understandable that the island is often referred to as “the island of the sanctuary of the great gods”.

Samothrace welcomes the tourist with open arms. For the traditional holidaymaker, a selection of top rated hotels and traditional Mediterranean restaurants will please even the most demanding visitors.

For those looking to fully immerse themselves into the island and soak up the rich culture; museums, ancient stone castles and churches are all available to visit.

Explorers, adventure lovers and outdoor activity enthusiast will fall in love with the islands undisturbed mountainous terrain.

Mountain biking, paragliding, mountaineering, rafting, kayaking, trekking, crossing gorges and diving are amongst some of the activities that can be experienced and enjoyed if you’re the sort of person who chooses the great outdoors over fine dining.

Although a small island, it is still divided into many small towns and villages. Hora, the islands capital is a small but charming town featuring traditional buildings and narrow alleys that twist and turn through the picturesque Mediterranean vegetation.

It offers a number of popular restaurants, cafes and stunning views over the sea. Another popular town to visit is Therma.

This seaside village is located about 14km from the port of Kamariotissa. Despite being not much more than a small cluster of hotels, rental apartments and tourist shops, Therma is frequently visited due to the stunning lush foliage and ancient forest that surround it.

For those looking to wind down, Therma also boasts several natural, mineral rich thermal springs celebrated by tourists and locals alike for their rejuvenating and healing properties.

With its beautifully balanced mix of traditional villages, unspoilt landscape, modern amenities and a large range out outdoor activities, Samothrace will appeal to a large number of people.

Whether you’re looking to find peace, solitude and moments of pure bliss or looking to experience the excitement of this unique island in adrenaline-fueled outdoor pursuits, it is guaranteed to please all who meets her.

Finally, the island of is widely known for a specific artifact: The Nike of Samothrace (Nike=Winged Victory). This amazing statue is world wide known for its amazing form which reveals the sense of action and triumph. That is the spirit of this island, indeed. An amazing island full of action!

A special thank you for their photos to: Alpiega, Dimsis, myphotos100+.

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