Scuba Diving Lefkada Greece

Nautilus Diving Club is one of the best options for scuba diving in Lefkada Greece. It offers training, fun and safety. The staff is friendly and experienced and ensures that the clients have a great time. Nautilus Diving Club offers several diving courses that provide a great scuba diving experience in Greece.

The Padi 5 Resort

The Padi 5 resort is situated in the Lefkada island of Greece. The main shop is in Vassiliki village. There is a department also in Nidri. The Nautilus diving club was established in 2002, and has been operating ever since. Every year, the club strives to enhance the level of its services with the help of its dedicated team of Dive masters and instructors all of whom are thorough professionals in their chosen fields.

Scuba diving for kids

For the young adventurer, Nautilus offers the Bubblemakers program which introduces the little one to the underwater breathing experience. The program is for kids around the age of 8 to 9 years. They can take a plunge in a diving pool with the help of a professional instructor.

The minimum age limit for Bubblemaker and Seal team program is 8 years. For Kids aged ten and above, there is another great course – the Junior Scuba Diver. These programs introduce the kids to the exciting world of Scuba diving in Greece. There is a basic introduction followed by diving theory.

What the Kids will do?

During the program, the kid will be able to learn the basics of Scuba diving and its related skills. The program will take around three hours. Anyone who is in good health can take this program.


For adults, scuba diving offers all the opportunities of exploring the world beneath the surface of the water. This can be done with the help and in the assistance of an experienced professional. The skills that you acquire during the course of the program only will serve as the beginning a great adventure.

The PADI scuba diver program serves as an initial level certification n which offers you several benefits if you are planning to dive several times during the year. The ratings enable you to obtain your certificate in an easy and swift manner by minimizing constraints.

What the Program offers?

During the course of this program, you will be taught the basics of scuba diving. You will also learn the use of various equipment and techniques. The ratings are earned by carrying out pool dives, attending sessions and completing two open water dives.

During the program you will be required to complete three pool dives, three session classes and two open water dives. All of this will be credited towards your open water diver certificate. The program is based on performance and an individual can proceed by demonstrating grasp and mastery of a course and its related skills.

There are several packages offered by Nautilus for the ease of all those people who want to experience scuba diving in Greece. These packages are affordable and offer all the amenities from accommodation to guided boat dives as well as equipment.

Contact the organizers through +30 6936181775, or through their contact data below.


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