A Scuba Diving Greece Revelation at Corinth

A guest experience by Daphne Mavrommati. A Corinth adventurer.

Scuba diving was a revelation I was not expecting…

Gazing at the silver bubbles of the other divers floating towards the surface I was sorry not to be a poet or a writer of talent to find the right words to express their beauty. So with less exciting prose I want to say that:

The combination of the amazing gift of weightlessness;
the sounds of silence (the sounds of your inhalation and then your exhalation of bubbles);
the “unnatural” proximity to swimming fish which completely ignore you;
the all-pervading blue with its strange sea-filtered light;
all this and maybe more made for an experience which I felt to be utterly unearthly.

I was transported to another universe and that universe was so pleasant that I understand now how divers can forget themselves and never return to the bland surface of the earth.

I am reading A. Huxley right now (The Doors of perception) and so I “read” the underwater now as a transportation, an altered state of consciousness, something far beyond my usual perceived reality.

And THAT is great too, because it means that I now have one more tool to use when I need an escape from ordinariness, from this world here.

Thank you so much John Kotsifas and the Tech Diving Team Dive Center!


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