Serifos Greece Caving into Mines

At the northwest area of Serifos there is Mikro Livadi (Little Meadow). The greater area has lots of mining history and interest. For many decades the area was bursting with life, as over 6000 miners with the primitives means of that time and their iron will filled the mountains of Serifos with lots of holes! Nowadays, the only things that remain are rusty wagons and them memories of the elders.

Lots of the mining galleries are reachable to visitors and each one has a different story to tell.

It is a real underground journey! Everything starts from the main gallery of a mine at the area of Mikro Livadi, which literally goes through an entire mountain and ends up to the bay of Koutala-Kalogero (deserted beach).

Multiple entrances with similar exits consist a labyrinthine puzzle where the visitor will be called to explore. From the entrance and the surrounding area, the visitor observes the first taste of what a mining activity is about. He/she can see wagons, rail tracks and half-ruined bridges. It is a scenery pulled out from a science fiction movie.

There are underground walking paths tailored to every visitor where their length varies from 15 minutes to many hours. You can go through the entrance that is near one beach and end up to another one. You will swim, dive, enjoy the sun, the sea and the peace of these routes. Finally, as a genuine explorer, you can rest at the traditional taverns of the area.

Video from a tour through the galleries

The article is provided by Antonios Antonakis, from Serifos Scuba Divers. Contact the organizers through: +306932570552, or through their contact data below.


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