Serifos Greece Flyboard

The Flyboard is an amazing machine, powered by a jet ski, that allows propulsion underwater and in the air. Flyboard is very intuitive and once you find your balance you can start flying in the air or jump like a dolphin out of the water.

Half bird, half dolphin, Flyboarders, superheros of the oceans, fly before your eyes, dive into the depths and reappear in a breath…

Riding between the sea and the sky. A show unique in the world!

As explained previously the Flyboard is very intuitive : it’s like learning to walk. Find your balance and you will become Flying Man or Dolphin Man!

Between 2 and 20 minutes are needed to learn with an instructor and 20 minutes/ 1 hour without.

Then you will be able to take off from water and enjoy your Flyboard for hours!

Check this Flyboard video

— Article by Serifos Scuba Divers. Contact the organizers through +30 6932570552, or through their contact data below.


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