Skiathos Greece Mountain Bike Trail

Bicycling through Skiathos mountains, paths will refuel your batteries and lead you to some of the most amazing landscapes you have ever seen. We suggest the following routes  that will mark  your holidays. If you have time try hiking Skiathos too. There are plenty of things to do in Skiathos island.

ROUTE 1  Bicycling from Skiathos to Castle  : HARD LEVEL  Distance:  25 km  Estimated time:  5-5:30 h

We start from the bus stop n.3 (bakery) and we make a light warm up to the first uphill at the bus stop n.2. After ascending 1 km we enter a quite technical uphill path where we test our technique. It isn’t a long distance and after that we come to the asphalt road which we follow for 2 km.

Following this route, we arrive at the Monastery of Evangelistria and then begins the descent of a fairly technical path (stream Agalianous ). Then, a difficult ascending to Saint Charalampos follows. Ending with the ascent we relax following the road to the next funny trail (single track ) passing through the forest. Thus, we arrive at the most northern part of the island, the Castle.

We rest and then we continue for the return, leaving the group to choose the path of their choice, through trails or asphalt.

ROUTE 2  Way to Kechria beach  : MEDIUM  LEVEL    Distance:  14 km  Estimated time:  3-3:30 h

We start from bus stop no.3 (bakery) and we continue our journey on the coastal paved road that leads to Koukounaries. After 6 km of asphalt we arrive at Saint Paraskevi and we turn right.

From there begins our beautiful adventure to Kechria. In the first meters there is asphalt but soon these will be preempted to meet clay earthern surface.

We cross the beautiful stream of Achilas carefully enough as there are some technical points and we end up to the beach of Kechria. Here we stop for rest and swimming and there is the opportunity to eat something from the canteen which is on the beach.

For the return, cyclists are given the option to choose between the same path and an alternative one proposed from us.

The article was provided by “Skiathos Mountain Bikes”.  Feel free to contact the organizers through: +30 698 940 3985  , or through their contact data below.


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