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STAND UP PADDLE or SUP is the new crazy thing in sea sports and the fastest growing sport during the last years, all over the world. Soon, it will expand in the same way in Greece!

Essentially SUP is Stand-Up Paddling on a board very similar to a surf one, but is wider and easier to balance! Its routes go back at ancient Polynesia several hunderds years ago, but in reality it started in Hawaii, the birthplace of surf.

Stand Up Paddling became famous from surfers who acted as such in order to catch the waves in an easy way. It became very popular as it is fun and easy sport that anybody – no matter his age or body type- can do. Nowadays SUP has many variations, like SUP Touring, even SUP Yoga!  Surfers, Windsurfers, paddlers as well as many famous stars like Cindy Crawford, Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Matthew McConaughey και Kate Hudson have already worshiped SUP, not only for the fun part of it but also for the affect it has on their body. This because SUP is a low intensity aerobics exercise that stimulates and strengthens almost all the muscular system. It activates the torso and the legs while you balance on the board, plus your back and shoulders when you paddle. So, while you exercise your body, you significantly improve your sense of balance as you try to stay upright while paddling.

So, either if you want to play with the waves or explore the amazing beaches of Greece, or just for exercise or for fun, SUP is an amazing sport which can change your life. Stand Up Paddle is a sport of many forms. Their variations are so many that can satisfy all tastes.

And here is the best thing! Anyone can try it, it is a fun activity to do with whole family or friends, no matter your age or weight! It is a very good sport to engage in since there are numerous health benefits.

You can make your first steps in Stand Up Paddle through SUP Alimos school, located in the most central beach of Athens. Check at the right for all contact details.

Here is a series of Stand Up paddling videos


— An article by Konstantinos of SUP Alimos team. Contact the organizer through:
, +306942621456 or through their contact data below.


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