Surf School Magical Beach at Lagouvardos Greece

You have heard Messinia for many things but how about a surf school that is located in one of the most beautiful beaches of the area? And they have a cool name too: The Beach Break Lagouvardos!

To be honest we have never heard of that beach before and now that we know, we understand that we have missed an experience of coolness and party!

Here is a number of reasons on why to visit them too.

Where is the surf school?

But of course at the beautiful Lagouvardos Beach!

The Surf School
The Surf School

BeachBreak Lagouvardos beach is a new enjoyable holiday experience. They are in one of the most beautiful beaches in the Peloponnese and there you can enjoy your summer, a place ideal for surfing, swimming and relaxing.

The Surf School
The Surf School

The school is running for the last three years and was one of the first surf schools across Greece, plus the most popular destination for surfing!

The Surf School
The Surf School

How about the beach and its location?

The surf school is at lovely, sandy beach with special characteristics such as shallow waters, a green surrounding environment (pine trees, bushes)and canteen service. It is Located 2km from Marathopolis, a beautiful fishermen village, and 6 km from the historical city of Gargalianoi on the southwest of magnificent Messinia. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is located only 10 min away. The natural beauty is unique.

Surf like “a Boss”!

Either you prefer a private or a group lesson, they can arrange it for you! Group surfing lessons are suitable for groups of friends and families. Children can start from the age 5.

Can they do it? Their surf instructors are qualified from ISA (International Surfing Association). No matter if you just ride the board or have done a few lessons before, they will help you improve your surfing skills covering wave-reading and catching ability while improving your balance, steadiness and board control.

Surf School Event

And you know what? There is nothing like catching your first wave…

Shift to something cool: Stand Up Paddle Board

The surf school provides Stand Up Paddle lessons and rentals for all ages. Even there, they can can help you correct your stance and paddling technique, improve your balance, stability and strength on flat waters.

Surf School
Surf School SUP

Wave Conditions at Lagouvardos

If you are a novice or just starting, then the shore breaking waves are ideal for your first surfing experience. The seafloor surface is covered with a protective thick layer of sand and there is plenty of space to find your own area in the water. The average Sea Temperature in Peloponnese is more than 20°C at summer time, so wetsuits are rarely needed.

Surf School Surf
Surf School Surf Moments

How about their equipment?

The surf school has a great array of surfboards from 5’6″ – 10’2″. From wave short-boards to long-boards, SUP’s, soft-boards & body-boards they got it all. The availability of Stand up paddle (SUP) is also an important thing:  Stand up paddle surfing is now the fastest growing water surf activity because it allows a wider range of athletic types to get involved and SUP surfers do not need to schedule around high and low tides.

They protect the environment

The facilities are environmentally friendly and built with natural materials such as wood. They are assembled at the start of the season and they are removed at the end, without leaving anything on the beach which may be a threat to nature and especially turtles.

Surf School Careta Careta
Caretta Caretta

They also actively participate as volunteers to protect the reproductive activity of sea turtles Caretta caretta as the Kyparissia Bay is the second largest breeding habitat in the Mediterranean!

Surf School School by Night
School by Night

Ok, there is a surf school that combines lots of things and a great location. It is in Peloponnese and especially at Messinia, which we know it is a great place.

You can plan ahead and contact the organizers through their contact data below.

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