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Unesco World Heritage

Greece Celebration of Unesco World Heritage Sites Day

Today, April 18th is the World Heritage Sites Day and it is a celebration of Cultural Heritage. Greece -as the cradle of Western civilization-...
6 Megalithic Monuments of Greece You Didn’t Know

6 Megalithic Greece Monuments You Didn’t Know

Let's dive into a wonderful part of the ancient history of Greece! Mega... what? Surprisingly the word Megalithic means "Big Stones" and the word...
Samos Greece

Samos Greece

Samos Greece is one of the islands of East Aegean and lies fairly close to the Turkish coast. It used to be a really...
Pythagoras Cave

Pythagoras Caves Samos Greece

Pythagoras was one of the most famous ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians. Among others, he is known for the Pythagorean theorem, which bears his...
Samos Windsurfing

Samos Windsurfing Greece

Would you like to go windsurfing in Greece? The winds on the island of Samos offer virtually perfect conditions that are ideal for the...

Samos Greece, trekking through Potami Waterfalls

A very interesting and refreshing route. You can go against the current from the beginning at the "cross section" where the many stairs that...