Slackline. What is this new trend?

What is slacklining? Slacklining originated within the mountain climbing scene during the 1980's. During days of rest, climbers got the idea to tie up climbing...
Enduro MTB Pilio

Enduro MTB Days in Pelion Greece

Enduro is gaining its rightful place in the hearts of riders. Less than six months after the successful organization of the first Enduro race...
mikro pelion greece

Pelion Greece Climbing

Mikro – Platania of Pelion Greece Are you used to going to the same places for climbing? The same predictable route? Would you like to...
paou field pelion greece

Climbing Pelion Magnesia, Greece

Climbing field of Paou - Argalastis at Pelion Magnesia Pelion, Greece is the mountain of Centaurs and widely known to all for its beautiful villages,...
sea kayak

Sea Kayak Pelion – Damouchari

North East Pelion, Greece. A spectacular Mediterranean landscape right in the heart of Greece. A unique combination of wild forests and mountains rich in...
pelion ordo

Pelion, in the footsteps of the Centaurs

Pelion is a very pivotal location and in ancient times played an important role in commerce and culture. The fact that it is in...
canyoning pelion

Canyoning in Pelion the Centaurs mountain

Have the most exquisite experience of your life. Canyoning in Pelion. Let yourself in the myths and the unique world of the canyons. Let...
trekking pilion

Trekking on Pelion

Have you ever imagined to walk on the summer residence of Greek Gods? If we aroused your imagination then this is what Trekking on...

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