Top Things to Do in Mykonos Greece 2019

Through our trips many wondered what are the things to do in Mykonos Greece? I mean, most think of Mykonos like a place for wild nightlife and a small range of beautiful beaches.

However, Mykonos has quite some asses hidden under the sleeve. The saying that there is more than what meets the eye is literally true when it comes to Mykonos in Greece.

Let alone the fact that it is an island that is located in the Cycladic region of one of the most beautiful Aegean Sea, whatever your expectation of the place will be blown away when you get to know the place very well.

This is the reason why there are so many who would love to get a peek at what the place is all about and it explains why there is always traffic of tourism all year long.

The things to do in Mykonos island, Greece

The island of Mykonos can’t be considered as the most green one in the Aegean sea, neither the one with a multitude of beaches. This island has a “special something” that keeps and raises its reputation for decades.

Having said that, when you are planning a family vacation, or individual time to just relax and enjoy what nature has to offer at its best then you should try Mykonos and am very sure you will not be disappointed.

As for those who have already had the chance of visiting these amazing Island then I am sure you will find this information quite shocking as there is someplace that you will realize they ever existed in this magnificent place.

Here are some of the things that one should not miss to do when they visit Mykonos.

Get a glimpse of the Windmills of Chora, Mykonos

One thing that you will not miss to see as soon as you enter Mykonos is the Windmills. They are actually the most recognized landmark of the island.

Top Things to do in Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

The Mills are located at the hilltop of Chora. They were built in the 16th Century by the Venetians so as to take advantage of the strong winds. They are famous because they were used to refine grains and at the same time help with the high tides that is so occasionally in the island.

Even though the advancement of the technology has declared the mills not important, they are now used as private home and museums.

Have the chance of getting to have a beautiful experience of seeing the sea form one of the mills known as the Kato Myloi.

The windmill of Boni is another one that you should not miss as it is now a museum.

You will realize once you are at the top that the views is not only exceptional but also it is one of the wonderful places to witness the sunset at the end of the day.

Explore Venice in Mykonos

Please do not confuse this to Venice in Italy but the experiences are worth sharing the name. as you will realize it also took the name from Venice because of the resemblance.

It is a place with some of the most colorful house that is built at the edge of the seas which is quite amazing.

Top Things to do in Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

No wonder it is no doubt one of the famous images of Mykonos this is simply because of some of the extraordinary architectural and at the same time wonderful beauty.

This day the housed have not only been made into very good us as they are one of the most elegant bars and restaurant find anywhere in the world.

Top Things to do in Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

The bars and restaurant are not only some of the best places to enjoy the sunset while you are enjoying your cocktail but also a place where you will easily unwind in the evening while enjoying the sea breeze that comes sit with.

View from the Armenistis Lighthouse of Mykonos

When you want to enjoy the most breathtaking view is anywhere then the Armenistis Lighthouse is what your missing.

You will find it in the northwestern part of the island. It is something that you will not miss to see because of the light that comes from the Lighthouse. You will realize that it is almost sixty-two feet’s tall and an attraction of the island.

One is able to view the Aegean Sea from this point very well at the same time get to witness a view of the Tinos island which is very nearby.

The distance of the Lighthouse from Mykonos town is exactly 4.35 miles which can be easily accessed by vehicle or taxi using the north coastal road as the chance of you getting lost is very hard because all you have to do is follow the signs to Fanari.

Another reason as to why you should get the view from the Lighthouse is to get a chance to see the boats passing between the two islands.

What to do in Mykonos town

Why don’t you take this opportunity and get to know the town of Mykonos much more and the best way to do this is unwinding and taking a stroll around the Mykonos Town (called Chora of Mykonos). Make a nice list of all the points of interest and you will have a really good plan with what to do in Mykonos; there lots of things.

Top Things to do in Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

Regardless of the fact that there are so many winding alleys that are situated in the town that should be the reason to get to know the town better.

Top Things to do in Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

What you are sure not to miss about the houses in the town is that they are all white with blue doors and very nice windows.

What to do in Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

Nearly all the house will have a bougainvillea in Mykonos which is quite an extraordinary thing.

Have an adventure on the wonderful Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos being an island is famous because if it beaches.

What to do in Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

One of the beaches that is a must go while you are there is the Platis Gialos beach that you will not miss because the beach is the most crowded in Mykonos.

It is situated on the southern part of the island.

That is about 4 miles away from Mykonos Town.

One mesmerizing feature about this beach is not only the white sand but also the turquoise water that alas works very well as a tourist attraction. You should not have any problem accessing the beaches as there are bus and boats that ferry people to and from the beach.

Unlike any other beach that you are used to, Platis Gialos beach is one of the most organized beaches in the world with beach bars, taverns which makes the whole experience quite enjoyable.

There are also other southern beaches that one can catch a boat from Platis Gialos beach, or visit them by car/bike. The other best beaches of Mykonos island at the South side of the island, are:

  • Paraga beach
  • Paradise beach
  • Super Paradise beach
  • Agrari beach
  • Ornos beach
  • Psarou beach
  • Elia beach
  • Agios Ioannis beach
  • Agrari beach
  • Megali Ammos beach
  • Lia beach
  • Fokos beach
  • Agia Anna beach

Make sure to read our extended post for the beaches of Mykonos.

Boat ride to the Archaeological site of Delos island, Greece

Delos is an island that is not only an archaeological site but has also been being recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage which a must be placed in Mykonos. It is one of your best choices for your what to do in Mykonos itinerary.

What to do in Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

It is known to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

In the recent time, the Island is uninhabited and the best way to visit the place is by taking the available ships that leave on a daily basis from Mykonos old harbor with Monday as an exception.

The trip will cost you around 23 US dollars that are for the adults and the kids’ is half the price.

One thing that you will have to know is that you will need tickets to access the archaeological site and they go for about 14 US Dollars.

It is also advisable to have a guide that will take you through the whole tour. This is a place that one should make an effort to visit while they are in Mykonos.

If you take a sailing trip or such for Delos, don’t neglect to also visit Rhenia island too. The best thing to have a glimpse of these two uninhabited islands is by taking a cruise.

Nightlife at the Old Port of Mykonos island

The old port is one of the places that one can take advantage and walk around especially at night.

What to do in Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

What you will realize with the port is that there are cafes and restaurant that are overlooking the sea and is a very good place relax at night while having the view of the sea.

It is the same place that you can always catch a ferry to Delos island.

Get spiritual with the Churches of Mykonos island

While you are in Mykonos whether you are a religious person or not you should get a chance to visit Panagia Paraportiani, as it is not only one of the most important architectural and religious monument of Mykonos island.

Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

The church is located in the cosmopolitan capital (Chora) of the island which also very next to the sea.

The site is, of course, one of the most photographed places in Greece just because of the architectural work that went in it in the 16th and 17 the Century.

It is also one of the most important monument not only in Mykonos but the entire island and that is why one should not miss taking a look at it.

The place got its name because it is situated next to the small gate which is known as “Paraportiani” in Greek.

The amazing feature about the church is that not only is it a two-story complex but also accommodate five churches and you will find four of the church on the ground floor and amazingly one is elevated.

The one that is elevated is the church that is known as Panagia Paraportiani.

Cycling tours for your Mykonos holidays

The best way to explore the town and having some fun at the same time is by taking the yummy pedals which will be great fun. Depending on your choice on where to stay in Mykonos, you can take some long or short bike tours towards Chora (or not).

One way to go about this is by taking the 10 km ride on the magnificent countryside.

When you take this route on a bicycle you will have the chance to see the traditional famous remote church.

You will also get a chance to ride on some of the beaches like the Myrsini beach. You get an exclusive view of the island in a way better than anything else.

Experience wine tasting in Mykonos

One thing that so many people that have had the chance to visit Mykonos and did not know to do was going to Mykonos for wine tasting. That is one of the must & top things to do in Mykonos. You are expected to drink “a few” while in the island, so why not tasting the wines?

Book a wine tasting tour in Mykonos and get a chance to taste some of the fine wine produced in Greece while at the same time accompanied by some of the famous Mykonian products like the cheeses, hams, and above all the Greek salad (a top Greek food).

Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

The amazing thing about the farm is that it produces its own organic wine and honey. Another stunning thing about the farm is that is located in the very quiet countryside that is surrounded by the vineyard and farm animals which just nature at its best.

Famous Mykonos party time – Bars & Nightclubs

There is no trip without a good party and Mykonos will not disappoint especially at night. Mark these bars below as a must, for your list of things to do in Mykonos. When you plan where to stay in Mykonos, make sure you note down these. Some of the most popular clubs to be are:

  • Cavo Paradiso – Paradise Beach
  • Babylon – Mykonos Town
  • @54 – Mykonos Town
  • Scandinavian Bar & Club – Mykonos Town
  • Tropicana Beach Bar & Restaurant – Paradise Beach
  • Super Paradise Beach Club – Super Paradise Beach
  • Paradise Beach club – Paradise Beach
  • Void – Mykonos Town
  • Astra – Mykonos Town
  • Scorpios – Paraga Beach
  • Katerina’s Bar – Mykonos Town
  • Galleraki – Mykonos Town
  • Jackie O’ – Mykonos Town & Paradise Beach
  • Queen of Mykonos – Mykonos Town
  • Remezzo – Mykonos Town
  • Kalua – Paraga Beach

In some of the clubs, party starts as early as in the afternoon and will go till the next day in the morning. There is no option; visiting most of the beaches is one of the things to do in Mykonos.

What makes it one of kind party is not only the music but the crowd and cocktails that are served through the night.

Individuals who are not so much into dancing will always find alternatives, like for example the Kalua bar at Paraga beach.

After hours, head for some special Greek food recovery snacks: Souvlaki.

What is the weather in Mykonos?

The weather in Mykonos island follows the same pattern as the rest of the Cyclades, and Greece. This means a hot summer with a relatively windy August. Summer is the best season for all the things to do in Mykonos.

When it is best to visit Mykonos?

A range of travelers prefer to go to Mykonos during Easter time and September to October.

There are less tourists during that season, so things in bars and accommodation are less “wild”. However if you are after great beaches and hardcore nightlife then summer is the right season for you. Just book early.

Our preference for Greek islands is to avoid high-tourist seasons in Greece (mid-July to August) but that is a matter of a personal preference and things to do.

Top Things to do in Mykonos Greece - Ultimate Guide

For example hiking most of the Cycladic islands during summer time is not always a good experience, due to heat and strong sun. Naxos island is an exception to such (if hiking takes no more than 5 hours).

So, think ahead of what are the things to do in Mykonos you would love to experience and book ahed.

Mykonos map

Things to do in Mykonos island Greece
Mykonos map

Mykonos island is not that big, despite being hugely famous. it is located in the Cyclades islands complex. You can get from one side to the island to the other in less than 1 hour, by car. There are rentals for cars, bikes and hog bikes.

Best place to stay in Mykonos?

Well, Mykonos is a rather expensive island, despite its size. You know what they say: The best perfumes come in small bottles… Mykonos has lots of expensive options for accommodation and good (but smaller) number of affordable hotels.

There are beach hotels, Mykonos town hotels and lots of villas. Depending on your taste and things to do in Mykonos, you can find the best for you.

This is a good starting list for beach hotels and affordable ones.

Which are the 10 best Mykonos beach hotels?

Where to stay in Mykonos? If you want to book in a Mykonos hotel that is close to the beach then you need to hurry up and book it at least 5 months prior your arrival.

  1. Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa – Rating: 8.7 (2018)
  2. Mykonos Blanc – Preferred Hotels & Resorts – Rating: 9.1 (2018)
  3. Anax Resort and Spa – Rating: 9.4 (2018)
  4. Myconian Avaton – Design Hotels – Rating: 9.3 (2018)
  5. Mykonos Ammos Hotel – Rating: 9.2 (2018)
  6. Myconian Imperial – Rating: 9.2 (2018)
  7. DeLight Boutique Hotel – Rating: 9.3 (2018)
  8. Mykonos Blu, Grecotel Exclusive Resort – Rating: 9.0 (2018)
  9. Myconian Villa Collection – Rating: 8.9 (2018)
  10. Mykonos Princess Hotel – Rating: 9.3 (2018)

Are there cheap hotels in Mykonos?

There are some “expensive” locations in Mykonos so prices are going up or down depending on your choice on where to stay. In some hotels or villas of Mykonos prices seem outrageous, while in the popular beaches renting a sun-lounger can cost you “an arm and a leg”.

There are options for renting affordable accommodation, but depending on the season you will need to thoroughly check & book early (at least 3 months prior your arrival), through Booking. Some suggestions are:

  1. Matina Hotel – Rating: 9.3 (2018)
  2. Hotel Philippi – Rating: 8.5 (2018)
  3. Carbonaki Hotel – Rating: 8.9 (2018)
  4. Markos Beach Hotel – Rating: 8.4 (2018)
  5. Acrogiali Hotel – Rating: 9.2 (2018)
  6. Deliades Hotel – Rating: 8.6 (2018)
  7. Fresh Boutique Hotel – Rating: 8.8 (2018)

How to get to Mykonos, Greece?

It depends on where you are prior getting to Mykonos island. If you are in Athens then read this post for getting from Athens to Mykonos by ferry or flight. In case you are in Santorini then you need to read this post on comparing Mykonos to Santorini.

The most reliable planning and mediums are:

Is Mykonos suitable for kids and families?

The island has lots of facilities and good hotels have lots of amenities and things to do. However, Mykonos is considered mostly a beach and nightlife island.

There are a few beaches that can be considered family friendly but that is not the overall focus of Mykonos, if you know what I mean.

Most of the beaches get really crowded in summer time and -sure- there are water sports facilities to keep them busy but if you are looking for family friendly vacations then I suggest to look at the nearby Naxos, Tinos and such.

Ready for your Mykonos island holidays?

It is no doubt one of the places in the world that you will not miss something to do and have fun at the same time.

This is whether you have traveled as an individual just to kick back and have fun or as a family vacation, In Mykonos, there is so much to witness.

Our extensive post helps you with knowing all the top things to do in Mykonos island, Greece.



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