Travel Bloggers Greece kick-off meeting

There wasn’t a Travel Bloggers Greece meeting before and I was super excited! But read the whole story, which turned out as a very happy and interesting experience.

Elena and Marissa explaining TBG concept
Elena and Marissa explaining TBG concept

We were surfing in Facebook, reading about travel trips, tips, adventure experiences and ideas for our next trip, when suddenly Maria (the other half of AGreekAdventure) jumped and said: “Hey, look at this event for Travel Bloggers Greece. Is this some type of official organization?”. I looked at the Facebook address named Travel Bloggers Greece and thought “Hmm! That sounds interesting…“. So, I send a note asking for more details and shortly Elena Sergeeva replied.

I was happy to see her name since we have worked together a few years ago, through our Digital Marketing company ChannelDoubler. Elena was working for the Marketing Dept. of Capsis Hotels and Resorts and we were designing their new website. So, I thought that this group may have lots of interesting things to say and thus I booked a seat. I also learned that Marissa Tejada was the co-founder and that was another plus. I was sure the she had a lot to say about writing, at least. It was more than that…

Meeting Travel Bloggers Greece team

The meeting took place at Grecotel Pallas Athena and I am going to share their link because it’s a magnificent modern boutique hotel in the center of Athens. Rooms are decorated with different modern graffiti depicting Batman, Spiderman, Blue pigs, Mermaids… I am not going to reveal more. It was just stunning! The whole hotel acts as an art gallery!

Soon, other bloggers flew in the meeting room and the presentation started. Elena and Marissa explained the goals and the general perspective in a simple clear way along with an emphasis on business ethics (very important). Then we presented ourselves and our travel blogs. Presentations were also made by Dimitris Asithianakis, Giovanna Monti (for the Italian blog by Giovanna & Letizia),  Rebeca Hall and of course Elena Sergeeva and Marissa Tejada. We had the pleasure to network and exchange ideas.

By the way (please stand up) as all these very cool photos are by Divajo Photography, a very pleasant and imaginative photographer (applause). Now, you can sit.

Enjoying hospitality with Travel Bloggers Greece Bloggers

Our host -Grecotel Pallas Athena- had prepared a full three course brunch for all of us. I was thinking “Wow! They really want to us to taste everything! That is so generous!”. The brunch was an additional opportunity for more in-depth discussion about Greece and traveling and the market, and photography, and jokes, and laughs and inspiration.

The food was totally delicious and they also served us with amazing coffee, a variety of wines and sweet bites. As I mentioned, they also presented their unique rooms and I noticed everyone having a big/bigger/large smile as they were moving from room to room. Why? Perhaps It was the feeling of openness and comfort and “that” touch of humor from each room. I remember, that I was thinking: Hey, I could stay in this one the whole day! It has everything and it doesn’t even look like a “hotel room”!

I definitely have to mention the friendly and spontaneous-always-smiling Eleni Velona (PR Dept.), along with the answers-to-everything Stavros Stavropoulos. Excellent people!

The art of Australian artist Mathew Halpin

Part of the meeting, and a great pleasure indeed, was to “travel” inside the mind of Mathew Halpin. Mathew is a visiting Australian artist who expresses aspects of our times through his unique visual approach. He is exhibiting inside the hotel and he has specifically created a Greek series of art.

Missed the Travel Bloggers Greece Limo

In order to close the kick off meeting in a glamorous way, a 9mt Limo was also arranged to drive us around the city of Athens. I missed that due to other tasks I had but I found out that they had a great time and here is the proof for that!

Travel Bloggers Greece Limo ride
Travel Bloggers Greece Limo ride

I wish that this team will add more to Greece and Travel Blogging for Greece. After all there is good will plus Greek and International temperament involved, and these are very good ingredients for a gourmet recipe of success.

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