Waterfall of Kremastos, Samothrace Greece

Going down such a waterfall (in combination with the path to go there) is a special experience. We start a little after the beach of Pachia Ammos at Samothrace and after 1 hour of walking we arrive at the beautiful beach of Vatos. There the canyon of Vatos ends. After crossing the beach we keep on going for another 2 hours at the wild and steep south side of the island.

The scenery here is completely different. Steep cliffs, carved hillsides, undergrowth and strange geological formations on one side, while you experience the infinite blue on the other side. After we traverse a big part of the south side we arrive at the beginning of Kremastos at the altitude of 300 mt. The rappels are one after the other, with their peak being the last vertical and still long from the ground part. Te last part of the rappel ends up in the sea.

Our return to the beach of Pachia Ammos, happens with a boat since doing this by coast is quite a “heavy” thing to do and experience on mountain trekking is needed.

In order to perform the rappels 2 -at least- persons are needed with very good experience on canyoning. During the summer months the amount of waters is very small.

Enjoy the photos.

—Article provided by Zacharis Aristeidis. Check the website (Greek only) below.


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