What to Wear in the Snow & Look Cute?

Puzzled about what to wear in the snow? Ladies usually feel colder than men and there are body parts that collect such discomfort fast.

Winter comes together with skiing and snow of course. Your friends may like skiing but possibly you are the “chalet” type of person.

You like to sit outside, sun-lounging, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the sun, while skiers doing their tricks on the slopes.

You enjoy the snowy landscape in-front of you, taking lots of selfies wearing colorful ski clothes.

Of course, you need to be warm to do that. For ski clothing, check these proper winter outfits too. A winter trip is beautiful but… ladies… it is (indeed) cold weather out there. Freezing wind will add to that. You need to get proper winter outfits. Almost all of such outfits are good for any type of winter travel.

It is best to get dressed for success in a stylish and definitely warm way. Here is our knowledge and tips.

So, What to Wear in the Snow and Look Cute?

It is a matter of style and a selection from different outfit ideas. You need good but lightweight materials and clothing, under the “onion” concept. That means to get dressed in layers, so your far from your body limbs are constantly warm, while the main core can be adjusted.

From our experience you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmness and vice versa. Clothing gear technology has evolved very much and there are plenty of stylish clothing gear that is winter specific, safe to wear (i.e. proper snow shoes) and warm.

Keep in mind that snow wear is different from ski wear.

Happy Feet

Feet are the major heat-loss part of your body. Maybe your grandma used to tell you that “you catch a cold from your feet” (our Greek grandma said so, anyway). Have you noticed that if your feet get cold, your whole body does?

What Shoes to Wear in Snow?

Best solution for a chalet case are the après ski boots or a pair of waterproof winter boots.

Such boots allow you to walk easier on cold/iced terrains and will keep your feet warm (along with proper socks). 

You can choose ones with that extra fur on top for an upgraded stylish look.

Tip: A small outdoors shoulder bag with a nice winter color will fill your image nicely and let you carry the things you need. 

Happy Socks

Wear a pair of thermal socks, instead of cotton ones. Cotton will keep moisture in and as a material it never gets warm. You need moisture wicking materials. Thick wool, will get your feet extremely hot and you don’t want that either.

When in snowy environment you may get in and out of a chalet many times. Better to wear socks that relatively “adjust” to such room-environment changes, than getting either too hot or too cold.

Here is a really good range of such socks:

Heads up

Your head is the first that needs to be warm, as it is one of the major heat-loss points of our body. A trendy beanie cap is the solution. Better to use one with fleece lining for extra warmth.

Wool ones are warm but some times the “holes” ventilate the heat.

Neck High 

Keep your neck and throat warm with a wool knitted neck gaiter. This can act as a scarf, while allows you to raise it up to cover your mouth and nose when it gets rather cold. It is best to have a clever solution for extra protection.

Tip: Sun reflects on the white surface of snow and this can cause serious issues to your eyes (while giving you a tan). Wear a modern pair of sports sunglasses.

Looking good and not getting blind is perfection, right?

Check these really cool sunglasses:

Here are stylish ideas for gaiters to keep you warm:

Hot Body

The trick here is: layers. As when hiking or mountaineering you need layers when you stay still outside. 

The Base Layer

Wear a proper thermal base layer. See the extended post for base layers here and how we combine clothes for different weather conditions (from extreme hot, to extreme cold).

That layer will entrap your body heat. Cotton t-shirts won’t do the work. In case you sweat even a little bit you will immediately feel cold, no matter if you wear a thick jacket. Base layers are made for that reason exactly.

There are base layers following the lines of a female body (side and chest) for all sizes.

A Fleece Jacket or other Mid Layer

Wear a soft fleece jacket as a mid-layer. You can wear this as it is (without extra hardshell jacket) or as another layer before your outer layer. Most good jackets are in the form of 2/3 to 1, where the mid-layer is detachable. Wear vivid colors, as they look good on the snow.

The Outer Layer

Complete the outer layering with a soft down jacket or a hardshell. Such are really necessary for winter in the city anyway. There are double-face jackets for even more combinations.

Tip: Your hands need protection too. Choose a hiking specific pair of gloves and leave your plain wool knitted pair home. Why? You may want to build a snowman or through some snow balls to your friends.

Waterproof gloves will keep you warm, without getting wet. There are glove options with extra linings, and you can have 2 in 1. Read this extended post for best hiking gloves.

There are even special gloves where you can release the fingers to take photos, or gloves that are touch-screen friendly!

What Pants do you Wear in the Snow?

Leave your jeans at home. Cotton, jeans and such materials get wet immediately. Choose an outdoors pair of pants, suitable for snow. That will keep you dry and warm, while pants with breathable materials won’t get you sweaty.

Such pants are also of the elastic type and can take the figure of your body. With a pair of nice winter boots you will look hot, while keeping your legs warm.

Do you need the extra mile in legs warmness? Then wear a pair of leggings or tights under your pants. See this post for ideas. That will keep you really warm under really cold conditions.

Conclusion on Snow Wear

The keys are: lightweight, warm great looking stylish clothes. There are plenty of options to choose from. 

Snow is just another condition in nature and needs not to block you from enjoying outdoors. Get suited up properly and you won’t regret it.

Your style can rock and you can look really as the active type you are!

Make sure to check our hiking gear posts from here.


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