Jeep Safari


Jeep Adventure Lesvos Greece

Lesvos, is the third largest in Greece and one of its most diverse, beautiful, and historically fascinating, but also, away from a few resorts in the north and west, it is one of the least touched by mass tourism....
4wd peloponnese

4 wheel drive through Peloponnese

Travelling in a 4WD with X4Guide. 4X4 expeditions to the most beautiful destinations in Greece!Travelling in a 4WD you can enjoy pure adventure so exciting and unique, so close to nature and the team members.We perform multi-day touring activities...
jeep safari kefalonia greece

Kefalonia Greece Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari trip starts at Kefalonia Greece. The tour starts in the direction of Mount Ainos, the Black Mountain and its national park. On the slopes of the park the unique Kefalonia fir can be seen and on Mount...