Wild movie about the Pacific Crest Trail, backpacking or meditation?

There are some movies that not only inspire you but ignite some fireworks in your mind and your body, and your feet! One of these movies that set my pants on fire and  was the “Wild”. Based on a true story of a 1100 miles hike (apprx. 1770 kilometers) at the Pacific Crest Trail, (where the Pacific Crest Trail is actually 2.650 miles long) that a woman did by traveling solo to simply find herself! The heroine is played by Reese Whiterspoon. You can see the trailer and actors set at IMDB.

Wild - Photo by Anne Marie Fox - © 2014 - Fox Searchlight
Wild – Photo by Anne Marie Fox – © 2014 – Fox Searchlight

Along with her huge backpack (a result of various pointless purchases of “lifesaving camping items” but still filled in with things needed for a few months) called “The Monster”, she initiated herself into solo backpacking. There are scenes where the viewer is highly emotionally charged. For example, there is one where she runs out of food in the middle of nowhere and she meets a farmer from which asks help for food and he asks her to wait in his truck. The next moments the dialogue between them cleverly implies that something bad may happen to her, but the story “turns out” to be good, where he invites her to his house with his wife preparing food and Reese Whiterspoon enjoying a hot bath too.

wild - Photo by Anne Marie Fox - © 2014 - Fox Searchlight
wild – Photo by Anne Marie Fox – © 2014 – Fox Searchlight

This made me thinking… There is lots of prejudice out there about people who live in secluded areas of USA or in other countries, that they are mostly maniacs or serial killers or both. However, where we have traveled we mostly met kind people wanting to help others.

wild - Photo by Anne Marie Fox - © 2014 - Fox Searchlight
wild – Photo by Anne Marie Fox – © 2014 – Fox Searchlight

There are women (and men) travel bloggers out there who have lots of amazing things to share and extremely few bad experiences where they had issues with people at their trips. My personal experience is still positive, as people in almost all places I have been were helpful when I asked for instructions or when they saw me quite confused. There are many movies that show bad things happening to women traveling alone but seems as that is not the case as many of travel bloggers write about.

wild - Photo by Anne Marie Fox - © 2014 - Fox Searchlight
wild – Photo by Anne Marie Fox – © 2014 – Fox Searchlight

I remember another scene where during her trip she meets another more experienced and prepared backpacker, which eventually drops the hike due to difficulties. Doesn’t that sound familiar too? Many times haven’t you wonder about what makes a difference in a decision? Experience or faith and determination to achieve a goal?

10 things I liked most at the “Wild”

Here are a few things:

  1. From a travel bloggers aspect that movie is an amazing tool to promote a whole area which will benefit greatly from the publicity and good direction.
  2. The actor plays quite a novice backpacker and not a cheesy romantic mellow character. Really reminds me when I decided to do camping trips. So many useless garbage and ignorance indeed.
  3. Alone with yourself. Yes you are. I haven’t done much of solo hikes but I have friends who hiked at the mountains to record plantation and animals of an area and they admitted that “a book saved my life while being alone up there for weeks”.
  4. You listen to you yourself. Well you will be pushed to do it either you like it or not. Take the other example of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. You walk and walk and  walk and you “see” your own thoughts. How you get rid of those, it’s another thing though.
  5. Really liked the REI “indirect” commercial for the replacement of boots. I mean, I don’t know if this is actually true but if it is then REI is cool.
  6. About the scenery of the Pacific Crest Trail. Seems like a great route, judging from the scenes I see in the movie and around the PCT website.
  7. Really liked the log book offline comments and quotes posting that people wrote at specific trail checkpoints. That is great. It resembles both a wishbook and a memories album for you and others to read and get inspired. You know, like facebook posts 🙂 but with pen!
  8. Really liked the simplicity of things needed in nature and what someone can enjoy and admire on a dark night without city lights but with the sky all lit up!
  9. Last but not least it was the “keep on walking anyway” concept that reflects in everything in life. From jobs to relations.

Would I suggest that movie? Yes. But most of all I would suggest to take the Pacific Crest Trail. That is another thing in our bucket list too. Have you embarked in a peculiar/unique trip that needed lots of guts to do? Share it with us.

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