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When I first arrived to this Island I remember being amazed by the scent of its herbs and the colors pervading: white, golden and blue. The fields where covered with wheat, like waves moving with the wind ending on a deep blue see. It was love at first sight. After two decades of living in this island this place is still enchanting my life every moment.

Ever changing its colors with the hours, the days, the seasons the wind and the moon. When you are here you cannot miss the connection with nature and your Self.

I always wonder why people choose to come all together in high season when Autumn and Fall are the most beautiful , quiet and unique months live Paros. Even your holidays would be of much quality time during ‘low season’.

In May and June, Paros is dressed in flowers and the waters are fresh and rejuvenating. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year in the island. Fertility is latent in nature.

September and October is still warm and the sun is caressing us, the light is soft and magic is in the silence of nature. I am a full-time yoga teacher and I organize yoga retreats in Paros during this time of the year. Yoga retreats are beautiful opportunity to combine holidays with wellness and connection to nature and your Self , for rejuvenation and healing. My yoga practice radically changed the way I understood and related to life. It taught me that true power, strength, and success comes only as a result of a life lived in balance. I believe that introducing more people to the deeply healing benefits of yoga has the power to completely transform our world.

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Irana JI An, is a Greek – Argentinian Yoga teacher-coach, fusion dancer and  movement seeker has been trained in different lineages of  Yoga -Hatha, Sivananda, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, and Anusara -and her background in Dance, Art and Therapeutics infuse her style of living and teaching Yoga. Yogin with 20 years practice and 11 years of teaching understanding experience,  she founded Yoga Shala , in  Paros and developed YogaAnasa system- approach to teaching : yoga as sacred movement. Her unique style integrates breath, alignment and anatomical awareness to draw the student into their inner experience of each posture.Her approach uses yoga as a vital, powerful and compassionate component in healing the body and the psyche.

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