Paddle Board Yoga

Paddle Board Yoga, Working Out Having Fun

Oh the many times you thought "I am in vacations but I do not want to lose my fit". I know. I have been...
travel to greece silver island yoga header

Travel to Greece for Yoga at Silver Island

There are many reasons to travel to Greece. Yoga retreats is one of them. Let us introduce you to Silver Island Yoga. Silver Island...
Yoga Class Beach Crete

Joyful Living at Yoga On Crete

An experience provided by Eugenia Sivitou. The early morning atmosphere is cool and crisp, even in the middle of summer in this part of Crete,...
Yoga Classes Kos Greece

Yoga classes Kos Greece

The best way of replenishing your physical and emotional self is to spend some time on the yoga mat. The yoga mat should be...
Yoga Paros

Yoga in Paros

When I first arrived to this Island I remember being amazed by the scent of its herbs and the colors pervading: white, golden and...
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