3 Days in Karpathos Island Greece

Karpathos island is not a popular destination. At least that is what many people think. We spend 3 days in Karpathos and we were blown away from the things you can do.

We came back, wondering why this island is less known than other ones that also belongs to Dodecanese islands of Greece.

It is an island not to underestimate. It has really beautiful and colorful beaches, fantastic food options, really good prices (we went at the end of May), tons of Dutch people (yes, it is a popular destination for Dutch).

Karpathos is ideal for kite-surfers, windsurfers and anyone seeking thrills using a sail and board.

3 Days Karpathos Island Greece
Sculpture at Diafani village, close to Olympos

Let’s take things from the beginning though.

How to get to Karpathos island?

We had 3 days to spare since a religious holiday was taking place on a Monday. We combined it with the weekend time and… voila. If you have such an amount of time then it is best to go to Karpathos by airplane. We stayed in Pigadia (capital of Karpathos). That was just a 40 minutes drive from the airport.

3 Days Karpathos Island
Pigadia (the capital)

The ferry from Athens, Greece takes about 18 to 20 hours to get to Karpathos and this is quite a long time, as you need the same amount of time to return to Athens. With a ferry you lose 2 days from Karpathos. Booking your airplane tickets early will reduce the cost and you can always rent a car on the spot. There are tons of options from international car rental services to local ones.

So, better get on a plane.

Accommodation options: Karpathos Greece hotels

In almost every single village you will find different options for accommodation. Check all of them in Hotels Combined. Most hotels and rooms to let are in Pigadia (the capital). We never go to hotels that have a low score, and this time we wanted a bit more: Some luxury.

So we booked into Alimounda Mare Hotel. A fantastic 5star resort next to the sea, with a huge pool too. Really good prices, even for mini-bar items or by the pool snacks and beverages.

3 Days Karpathos Island
View from our room balcony

We couldn’t recall seeing so low prices in other islands or cities around our trips in Greece and Europe, for 5star hotels.

3 Days Karpathos Island
Resting next to the pool

Most hotels in Karpathos are on the southern side. Pigadia, Achata, Amoopi, Arkassa, Finiki & Lefkos host most hotels and apartments. These are the most popular villages too.

Check prices and options for guided tours in Karpathos from here.

Where to eat in Karpathos island?

We never eat in a hotel. Has nothing do to with prices but with our eagerness to taste the local culture and cuisine. Breakfast in our hotel was huge and fantastic, but that’s breakfast.

We chose to eat in three different taverns. Two of them were in the capital and one of them in a remote village, famous for its fantastic beach.

The ones in the capital were: “To Perasma Family Restaurant” and “Pigadia Restaurant”.

In “Perasma” go for the grilled squid, fava and the salad named after their restaurant. Portions are really big so ask to see before you order.

3 Days Karpathos Island
Yeah… we know. We were very hungry. Here is half of the squid.

In “Pigadia” go for the Mousaka and the swordfish, and choose the salad named after their restaurant too. Also big portions.

That was the first time we ate “Mousaka” in a Greek tavern. We usually eat it at home, cooked by wife or mother-in-law. Fantastic plate. We were impressed from the quality of materials in that restaurant.

3 Days Karpathos Island3 Days Karpathos Island Greece

The other restaurant was in the village of “Kira Panagia” (the name relates to Virgin Mary). The village is very small, but has that fantastic beach.

There is a popular tavern there, named Sofia’s tavern (5 meters from the beach) but we didn’t go to that one. Instead, we went to the other one that was around 80meters from the beach. We think it had no actual “brand” name, but just a sign saying “tavern”.

3 Days Karpathos Island

Food was fantastic. When you are there go for the fried small shrimps, their salad and salted sardines. All are homemade. At the end they served us with Greek donuts with honey and almond.

3 Days Karpathos Island

A special Village: Olympos, Karpathos

This village has its own weather! It really does. When you get close to it, weather is different from the rest of Karpathos. Temperature dropped 10 degrees inside Olympos village.

3 Days Karpathos Island3 Days Karpathos Island Greece3 Days Karpathos Island

The whole place is really colorful and looks like a postcard.

A very characteristic thing you will see is that all women wear their traditional clothes. That is not a “tourist” thing. They  dress like that until today. A friend of ours who comes Karpathos confirmed that they wear them in big cities too.

Check prices and options for guided tours in Karpathos from here.

3 Days Karpathos Island

Their dresses are really colorful too. Maria managed to take a picture with them.

3 Days Karpathos Island Greece

Quick break: Ice cream time at Mesochori village.

3 Days Karpathos Island Greece

Popular Karpathos Beaches

There are around 80 beaches in Karpathos (accessible by boat only, included), so you have lots of options. There are some that are really popular though. Depending on the season some of the popular ones get crowded, but with so many options (and a car) you can get anywhere.

Kyra Panagia: A sandy beach of Kyra Panagia, very clean and well organized. Colors combine the blue of the sea along with white sand and smooth peebles. It is also close to Apella beach.

3 Days Karpathos Island Greece
Kyra Panagia

Argilopotamos: The beach is located around 20km for Pigadia. There is a canteen and acts as a base for kite-surf sports.

3 Days Karpathos Island Greece

Finiki: Sandy beach with crystalline waters.

3 Days Karpathos Island Greece

Lefkos: This is a combination of 3 different beaches with different names each, and close to another. The one called Gialou Chorafi is well organized (better than the other 2). The 2nd one is small and sandy and named Panagias Limani. The last one is Francolimnionas.

3 Days Karpathos Island Greece

These are just a few of the beaches of Karpathos island. More come under the names of: Apella, Achata, Mikri & Megali Amopi, Arkassa, Diakoftis, Afoti, Agios Nikolaos, Amopi Pera Ammos, Christou Pigadi, Damatria, Psoraris, Valias, Vrontis.

Can you spend just 3 days in Karpathos island? Well, no.

We consider this trip a “reckon” trip and we plan to go back for a week or more.

Check prices and options for guided tours in Karpathos from here.

We were happy to find this special corner of Greece and share it with you.


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