Premium Tips: Athens to Mykonos Ferry or Flight?

Going to Mykonos? Need to know the Athens to Mykonos ferry options and particulars. We are here to help you out.

Whether you are planning for a family vacation or just individual trip, rule number one is that you should always plan well inAthens to Mykonos Ferry advance.

Get to know where you are travelling to and what are the challenges that you might likely to encounter on your way.

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Tip: Where to stay in Mykonos

You may don’t know this but Mykonos beaches get really (really) crowded in tourist season. You may want to check hotels and villas with private pools.

Click here to see hotels with private pools, and their prices. To book your airplane tickets compare prices on flights with Skyscanner.

To book Ferry tickets from Athens to Mykonos (or other destinations in Greece) make sure to check prices from here.

About Mykonos Greece

There are several destinations in the world to visit and have a good time and one of them is Mykonos in Greece.

It is one of the most popular Greek Island that is situated in the Aegean Sea that attracts a very huge crowd of people from all over the world, who come into this wonderful island to experience what it has to offer.

There are so much to encounter when you are in Mykonos most of which is the Stylish nightlife.

It is not only the nightlife that is what you will enjoy but also a lot can be done during the day.

This includes some of the most wonderful beach parties along the private beaches, ski, jet-ski, mindful, horseback riding, para-sail and much more.

So, how does one get to Mykonos from Athens? There are actually two ways that you can travel to Mykonos from Athens Greece.

This will totally depend on what your budget is and the time that you have on your hand. Each way has their own advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

One can be very fast at the same time very expensive while the other can be very slow but price friendly.

The two way to travel from Athens to Mykonos are:

  • Athens to Mykonos ferry
  • Athens to Mykonos with airplane

Should you get the Athens to Mykonos Ferry?

An Athens to Mykonos ferry is one of the best ways to experience your vacation in Greece this is because you will get to witness some of the great scenery when you are also traveling.

Having said that, it is advisable not to take some of the slowest and biggest ferries to Mykonos and at the same time if you can please avoid the fast and smaller ferries as well.

The reason behind all these is that the small ferries are faster but there are very high chances of one getting seasickness as well as a bumpy ride which might not be a pleasant experience. We have been there and know what we are talking about.

However, if you are traveling in the month of August, it is advisable to take some of the biggest ferries to Santorini (goes through Mykonos too) because this month is one of the windy month of the year in Greece.

What you need to know is that before you take the ferry you will have to make your way to Piraeus which is Athens ferry port.

How do you get to Piraeus from the Airport?

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get to Athens Ferry Port is by the use of X96 bus that stops just outside the Athens airport.

Depending on the traffic on that particular day, the bus will take an average of 75 minutes to get you to the Athens Ferry ports using their own design route.

What you need to know about the X96 Buses in Athens

  • You will have to stop at the bus station which is also the metro station so as to get to get to Mykonos ferries which usually depart from E7 port gate.
  • There are very slim chances of getting lost this is because there are GPS screens that always shows you where you are, but in case you might miss them just approach the bus driver and talk to them because they are very fluent in English.
  • The bus runs 24/7 and there is always a bus after every 30 minutes which mean if you miss one bus just be patient and wait for another 30 minutes and you will get another bus.
  • There are kiosks outside the bus stop and this is where you will have to get your bus ticket from, if you are still at the airport you can also get your ticket from the kiosks at the airport by just following the bus sign.
  • The bus ticket will cost about 7 US dollars for adults and 3.5 US Dollars for children
  • The tickets have to be validated inside the bus and you can actually use the ticket for about one and half hours

The other means of getting to the Ferry port from the airport is by using the taxi which is not advisable since it is so expensive for no good reason as the buses are much cheaper and cost much less.

The taxi will cost you around 58 to 70 US dollars.

What you need to know about Mykonos Port

There are two main ports in Mykonos, this is the old port and the new port.

These are used for different functions. The old port is used only for excursions to the neighboring island of ancient Delos.

The new port is the ideal one to use as it is only a few meters away from the City of Mykonos.

There are several numbers of ferries that anchor into the port of Mykonos and the number has drastically increased in the recent years.

It is estimated that around twelve ferry boats anchor at these port on a daily basis that is in the month of May and September, and about 3 cruise ships are said to arrive on a daily basis

How do you get to Mykonos Port?

As mentioned earlier, the new port is situated just a few meters away from Mykonos which means that you actually get to the port from the city by just walking, this will take about 10 minutes.

Another alternative to getting to the port from Mykonos Town is by using the bus which also operates from the new port to the old port as well.

The great thing about the buses is that nearly every hotel in Mykonos has a mini Van for their clients which make it very easy to travel in and from the hotel but one has to make prior arrangements with the hotel personnel.

One can also access the port by using the car, this can be either rental or hired vehicles, even hog bikes.

This is not only a very comfortable way to travel and explore this magnificent island but also one of the most convenient means to reach the port very fast by using the old regional road.

There are also taxis that are available but you will realize that it is one of the most expensive means of transport on the island.

The reasons as to why the taxis are very expensive are that it is scarce and the same taxi prices are predetermined because they do not have taximeters installed in them.

The taxi stands are situated nest to Manto Mavrogenous Statue which is the central square of the island.

Another mode of transportation to the port even though not so much reliable is the use of the small boats also known as the caiques.

These boats depart from the old port of Mykonos Island nearly on a daily basis to the island of Delos.

Ferries from Athens to Mykonos

There actually 3 main options for an Athens to Mykonos ferry, and these are as follows;

  • The Blue Star Ferries
  • SeaJet Catamaran
  • Highspeed Ferries

The Blue Star Ferries

It is always the first option of ferries to pick from because it is stable despite the fact that it is the largest and slowest ferries to Mykonos and takes about two hours thirty minutes to arrive in Mykonos.

When you are traveling with these ferries you will have very little chances of getting sea sickness as you will not notice when is bumpy and windy.

Another great advantage of the Blue Star ferries is that they visit another small island before reaching Mykonos which means that you will get a glimpse of some of the Greek islands.

They are also some of the cheapest Ferries available with the Super Economy costing around 23 US dollars and have the chance of seating at the deck.

You will realize that this price is only for limited tickets and chances of getting this ticket in the high season is very low.

The cheapest seat that you are likely to find in the Economy Class goes for about 42 US Dollars Euros and this does not come with guaranteed seats.

It is advisable that you spend around 48 US Dollars so as to get aircraft types seats inside the ferry.

If you fancy a more stylish accommodation you can always go for a cabin inside the ferry and one can easily upgrade to one.

As far as food is concerned one should not be worried as there is a snack bar inside the Blue Star Ferry where one can buy sandwiches and lunch if they want.

The tickets from the ferries are available from the travel agency that is located at the airport.

This is advisable because if you book your ticket online you will still have to visit the travel agencies to print the certified tickets as this is what the law requires.

SeaJet Catamaran

They also take the same time of two hours and thirty minutes to reach Mykonos, the notable difference with these ferries is that they do not have a deck and are the smallest of all ferries and has a big drawback of being canceled depending on the weather.

The price of SeaJet Catamaran is about 87 US dollar to get you from Athens to Mykonos and that is only one way

Highspeed Ferries

Takes about the same time as then Blue Star ferries and the SeaJet Catamaran.

They leave Piraeus in the afternoon and will take about 2 hours to arrive in Mykonos.

The tickets for these ferries will cost one about 40 US Dollars.

It is advisable to book your ticket in advance especially during the high season because the ticket is very limited.

That is why it is good to buy your ticket in the middle of August so as to get the cheapest ticket available.

Which is the best Ferry to travel from Athens to Mykonos?

From the three above mentioned ferries, it is clear that the Blue star ferry is the best, this is because of the following reasons:

  • It is the most stable meaning the ride to Mykonos can be much better and one will not be scared of getting sea sickness because of the speed and bumpiness of the rise
  • Chances of the Ferry to get canceled because the weather is very slim
  • Though very limited you will get the chance of seating on the deck and be able to enjoy some of the amazing Greek blue seas and at the same time very nice weather.
  • It is notably the cheapest mode of transport (this year, 2018)

Mykonos Port ferry schedules

Most of the Ferries and Highspeed boats that leave the port of Piraeus and Rafina usually arrive at Mykonos.

As you are already aware that the Mykonos also connected to Thessaloniki and other Cyclades islands, also Crete and Dodekanisa.

Piraeus which is a port in Athens, Syros, Tinos, Mykonos is connected by ferries of one of the most famous ferries company called the Blue Star Ferries.

There are also four other ports that are Rafina, Andros, Tinos, and Mykonos that are served by about five major ferries namely, Agoudimos Line Ferries, Hellenic Seaways Ferries, Cyclades Fast Ferries, Alpha Ferries and Blue Star Ferries.

There are so many other ferries that connect Mykonos to another island as indicated below.

  • Mykonos to some of the neighboring island of Paros and Naxos are connected by Alpha Ferries and Blue Star Ferries
  • Mykonos is connected to Heraklion which is in Crete, Santorini, Folegandros, Armorgos, Koufonisi, and Naxos with the high-speed ferries of the ferry company called the Sea
  • Mykonos is also connected with Ikaria and Samos with itineraries of Kallisti Ferries. Mykonos is also an intermediary port of another itinerary which is the Heraklion Crete, Ios, Naxos, and Paros.

On the other hand instead of getting the Athens to Mykonos ferry, you can take a flight there.

What to do in Mykonos, Greece?

We are sure that you didn’t decide to get to Mykonos by chance. Yet, here is a list of ideas on what to do in Mykonos island. Some are guided tours, while others are not.

Should you get an Athens to Mykonos Flight?

This is obviously the fastest way to travel to Mykonos because it is very fast when you compare traveling by plane. The journey will take around 30 minutes. Compare prices on flights with Skyscanner.

You will notice that this is also the most expensive mode of travel. Prices change fast depending on the day and time you want to get to Mykonos.

One will not need to worry as there is many flights from Athens to Mykonos per day. The flight gets even much more during the high season that is in April to October.

There are several companies that operate direct flights from Athens to Mykonos these are the Aegean Airlines also known as Olympic Air, Ryanair, Volotea and Sky Express.

What one needs to notice is that the flight schedules change from time to time and it is not at the same time throughout the year.

It is advisable to check the right flight times so as to avoid inconveniences.

One of the common things about these flights is that it takes off every 40 minutes to fly back to Athens.

The best way to always be sure of your flight schedule is always to book your ticket well in advance preferably four to six months in advance. This will guarantee that you get the best deals.

When you book your ticket in advance it will cost you about 30 US dollars compared to 60 US dollars that you are likely to spend on the flight if you do not book your ticket in advance

Regardless of the fact that is the fastest way to get to get to Mykonos port it is not the best alternative to travel because of the following reasons:

  1. It is definitely very expensive when you compare to the other mode of transportation
  2. The flight might not so much reliable and convenient as you will end up spending most of the valuable hours stranded at the Athens airport.
  3. Compared to the Ferry you do not get to see any other Greek Island while you are traveling as there is so much to witness in term of the beautiful nature when you are traveling to the island.

Conclusion for choosing Athens to Mykonos Ferry

Mykonos is without any doubt one of the most popular destinations in Greece and that is why one has to make sure that their vacation or trip very enjoyable.

That is why this is very important to get to know not only the route of where you are traveling but what are some of the challenges that you are likely to encounter on your way.

The best way to get about this is by preparing well in advance and to know what to travel with and when.

This will not only make your trip as enjoyable as it can be but you will also be able to have a lot of money in the long run since you will be best advised on some of the many ways on which to travel very safe, convenient and cheap.

That is why this article will be the best guide to show you some of the ways to save you some money on your vacation to Mykonos.

Have fun!


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