Samos Greece, trekking through Potami Waterfalls

A very interesting and refreshing route. You can go against the current from the beginning at the “cross section” where the many stairs that lead to the tavern begin, or you can climb up all the stairs, pass through the top of the hill tavern, go down again and start from there. This alternative is for less experienced in climbing up at very slippery wet rocks (these are the first 100 mt).. From there you will find points where you need to swim to climb up, to climb up with ropes (few meters), etc. Its amazingly refreshing…. Then you can come down the same way. No need for diving suit (for the cold) but you need to wear trekking shoes or trekking sandals in order to avoid sliding and to have a firm foot on the rocks as most of the route you walk through shallow to deep water. You will enjoy it a lot and meet lots of people of different ages going up and down. Water temperature (August 23rd) is cool to warm and not cold. The whole route is under shade. Enjoy the photos.



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